How to Clear a Clogged Shower Drain With a Drain Snake:

How to Clear a Clogged Shower Drain With a Drain Snake: In this COVID Crises time, Cleaning has been an essential part of preventing the spreads of bacteria and viruses. So, people are sticking to their homes and busy with Cleaning and sanitizing. However, some people are facing issues with cleaning a clogged shower drain? If you’re striving to learn how to clear a clogged shower drain with a drain snake? Then you will learn about that in this post.

Clogged Shower drain this name might not be new to the most, but many don’t know how to clear those clogged showers drains. Generally, if you see standing water in your bathroom or shower is draining slower than it does? Then there’s probably a clog or block somewhere in your shower drain line.

clogged shower drain
clogged shower drain

These types of blocks or shower clogs cause severe irritation. So, we usually call a plumber for help to clear clogged shower drain and to remove “unclog hair from shower drain” by using a snake shower drain.

However, in this lockdown time, it’s harder to get a plumber to fix it, even if someone does, they charge a higher amount. Fortunately, you can clear a bathtub drain; shower drains easily with a variety of DIY methods quickly.

This guide will let you know How to Clear a Clogged Shower Drain With a Drain Snake and how to prevent clogged shower drains.

How to Clear a Clogged Shower Drain with a Drain Snake:

From the start of the article, I have to talk about the Drain Snake process, and some might be eager to know why I call it. If you are the one who would like to know about it? Then Snaking is a process of using plumbers Snake equipment to clean out all the hair, dust, and soap residue that collects in the drain. 

The Snake will easily collect all the hair and clear clogged shower drain. After the process, you have to pull it out of the pipes that’s it. The snaking process is recommended because it will not damage any of your pipes, whereas chemical cleaners might damage them.

Requirements Or Tools needed:

  • Rag Material.
  • Screwdriver
  • Drain Snake with 5/16 – inch or  1/4-inch Cable.
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Googles 

Let’s get into the process of How to snake a shower drain.

Purchase Plumber Snake and Put on rubber gloves and Goggles:

  • Firstly, to start this entire process, you should have a Plumber Snake. Purchase the plumber snake depending on your drain length and purchase either 1/4 inch or 5/16-inch.
  • As a precautionary measure, you have to put on rubber gloves before you start snaking your bathroom drain.
  • Putting on the pair of rubber gloves is recommended because you are pulling our month’s old soggy hair, and it can be rough. So, to prevent any cuts on your finger, you have to put on rubber gloves.
  •  Using safety goggles isn’t mandatory, but it’s smart to protect yourself while unclogging the drain with a chemical cleaner.

Remove the Shower Grate:

  1. To start this process, you have to remove the metal grate that covers the bathroom drain opening in your shower. This is usually secured with simple screws. 
  2. Remove those screws with a screwdriver and lift the grate from the shower drain.
  3. You can find debris or hair that may be clinging on the grate while you remove the grill. Just keep that aside and continue with the below process.

Quickly Insert Drain Snake:

  1. Take the drain snake cable and run the wire on a small drain snake down into the shower drain opening until it meets the resistance. 
  2. Now, tighten cable-clamp on the handle and rotate the Snake slowly to spin the cable in the drain.
  3. The cable will slowly go downwards further into the drain to collect all the debris and hair from the drain. 
  4. While doing this process, don’t force it too hard it may turn backward again.

Auger with Drain Snake Tool:

  1. When the cable extends into the drain, lose the handle to extend more cable into the drain. 
  2. Retighten the cable and repeat the process to go into the drain.
  3. While you go down, you can encounter a clog, now simply rotate the cable to penetrate the clog and break it up.
  4. Try running a small flow of water for a couple of minutes to see if water runs past the snake cable or not.
  5. If you feel water is sprinting as it does, then you can remove it.
  6. But, if you feel water backs up again, then try running the snaking process further down.
  7. Most of the cases, the clog will be found closer to the drain opening, so you don’t need to go further. Occasionally you may see clogging at the bottom or middle of the drain.

Extract the Drain Snake:

  • You should reverse the direction of the snake cable and remove it slowly from the drain opening when you feel that cable has moved past the clog.
  • You can see hair or debris at the end of the cable as it comes from the drain opening.
  • Remove the debris from the drain snake and wipe down Snake with the Rag material to dry it so that it can be prevented from rust.
  • Finally, run the water for a couple of minutes and test the drain before putting the shower grate. Make sure you clean debris from the shower grate as well.
  •  Running water for a couple of minutes flushes out all the debris that was loosened by drain Snake.
  • Then your water will run with the previous flow, and you will get rid of the irritation.

Finally, we have completed a Cleaning clogged shower drain. Now, let’s check out how to prevent shower clogs.

How to Prevent shower clogs:

To prevent shower clogs in the future, you have to follow these simple tips.

  • Put a drain cover on your shower drain grate so that it catches all the loose hair. 
  • Make sure you empty the drain cover regularly
  • If you brush your hair before you use the shampoo in your shower, it is best to reduce hair fall in the shower drain.
  • You can pour boiling water down your metal pipes; this will help you to dislodge all soap, debris, grease so you will get rid of clogs.
  • Don’t pour dirty water or mop wastewater that contains dirt and debris in the shower drain

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