How to Decorate When Your Front Door Opens Into Living Room

HI folks, it’s Kylee here! As promised in my last post, I’m here to show you a bit more of our entry space and share how we created an entry when there wasn’t one!

We enter our living room directly when entering the house. So I really wanted to design a useful and welcoming space for the guests who come to our house.

While there were many arrangements that this living room could have, I knew right away that I wanted to use our sofa to create a distinction between the spaces. Placing the sofa back to the entrance gives the impression that the living room and the entrance are two separate spaces. While some might say it “cuts” the room, I don’t agree! You can create this distinction in several ways depending on the size of your room. Using furniture is a great choice, but something as simple as having two rugs, a statement light, or adding a special wall treatment (wallpaper, anyone ?!) At the entrance can add to the illusion of separate spaces.

Another great way to define an entry space is a console, chest, or cabinet. It allows for a place to drop the keys, a place to add a lamp for the ambiance, and is the perfect surface to add some decorative touches. If you don’t want to take up precious floor space, a narrow bench or wall shelf could do the trick here! My last entry was a very narrow hall and used a very shallow shoe cabinet (similar to this one) and it was awesome!

In my current space, having a room that also serves as storage was important to me. Entrances can turn into a clutter magnet, so having these cabinets was a lifesaver! In the closets I have a basket for the mail, dog leashes, scarves, hats and blankets.

How to decorate when your front door opens to the living room

Another essential practical entrance: a clear place for coats, shoes, umbrellas … everything that you can bring and have to remove. I’m lucky to have a wardrobe, but the hooks or the coat rack work just as well! If I didn’t have a closet, I would probably put a hook bar right there on the wall. I love this coat rack for a small space (the white / natural colourway is currently sold out at West Elm but I found it here!).

My last house had a hallway, but no wardrobe, so we had lots of hooks for people to put on their coats! Most of the time it was full of our coats, but we took some of our items to our bedroom closet when people came. And that’s another tip for you: before your guests come, make sure there are empty hooks or hangers and that your closet / closet isn’t packed! It’s so much more welcoming when there is room to accommodate your guests’ items.

How to decorate when your front door opens to the living room

Whether or not you have a dedicated fireplace, treating the entryway as your own room and decorating as such is invaluable in creating a space that is welcoming and really sets the tone for your home. Adding a mirror to your entryway not only looks fabulous, but it also reflects light (which makes your space appear bigger!). Plus, having a place for that “last look” before you leave the house or greet guests is quite handy.

Adding art and plants or flowers is a welcoming and warm touch and a chance to show off your home’s personality from the moment you walk in. Don’t be afraid to go big or daring here!

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How to decorate when your front door opens to the living room
How to decorate when your front door opens to the living room