How to Design a Modern Minimal Kitchen

How to Design a Modern Minimal Kitchen?

The elegant and minimal design of a modern kitchen is based on clean lines, neutral basic colors and neat surfaces to keep the atmosphere serene. The style serves as a calm, collected backdrop for whatever you choose to layer: a bold pattern on drawer fronts, pops of color in a backsplash, matt or shiny metals in fixtures or handles. It’s a place that makes the mornings less hectic, and going back there allows you to sigh at the end of the day.

The trick to this style is to carefully plan your cabinets and storage for a neutral, well-maintained look, then focus your imagination on simple ways to bring it to life. Live the adage “a place for everything, and everything in its place” – by building purposeful storage for everything you need, your kitchen will stay tidy inside and out, preventing any mess from disturbing your conception (and your life).

IKEA has everything you need to get started – including customizable storage options specially designed to keep everything streamlined. Follow us for product suggestions and advice.

A modern look is defined by everything that is streamlined – symmetry of horizontal and vertical lines, simple and elegant materials, and integrated fixtures and lighting. Start with a cabinet color that is not too busy, but has character.

How to Design a Modern Minimal Kitchen
How to Design a Modern Minimal Kitchen

“You don’t have to just use white cabinets and fronts to create a minimalist look in your kitchen,” says Viola Mushkudiani, senior IKEA interior design manager. For example, she adds, there is a trend towards matte finishes and muted, warm or organic colors.

Dark gray

Dark gray is a classic and elegant neutral that hides more wear than a white or beige. And if you choose an option that has a push-to-open function, the cabinets blend in particularly easily in the background.

Gray green

Keeping things neutral does not mean avoiding colors. A muted green makes a fantastic base when you need a little punch for your blank slate.

Brilliant white

Bright white has a timeless feel. Choose cabinets that are bright and will make a statement without showing too much – and they will be easy to clean.


A classic neutral that also plays with a little drama, black gives a certain moodiness to a kitchen.

Maintain the serenity of your minimal face base (these elegant cupboards, etc.) by incorporating storage that prevents things from being occupied or cluttered. It is an asset here to add internal components that meet your needs and work well together.

“Sliding kitchen fittings and cupboard organizers transform chaotic drawers and hard-to-reach corners into objects of beauty and efficiency,” says Mushkudiani. “From sorting waste to organizing kitchen utensils, these little-known heroes will make your daily cooking routine sing.


Sliding recycling bins

If you recycle regularly (it’s a good thing!), It can accumulate, so keep your kitchen tidy and organized by storing it in a cabinet until the day of transport.

Spice organizers

The storage of spices becomes chaotic very easily. A drawer insert keeps tamed pots in neat rows, away from your packed top shelves or your precious counters.

Wooden knife tray

Maybe you don’t like magnetic storage. It is very good; a knife holder allows you to store your knives in the cutlery drawer while preventing them from jostling.

Protect (and organize) your plates

The storage of your plates grouped in a support serves several purposes. They avoid bumps and cracks, are easily transported to and from the table and are adjustable to different sizes.

Now that you’ve assembled the canvas, warm your kitchen with personal touches. By focusing on design details where it really matters, you can achieve a look that is both elegant and joyful – the kind of design ethos that made IKEA products the staple of household items to begin with. How to Design a Modern Minimal Kitchen


Bold backsplash

A backsplash is used for many purposes in the kitchen, and why not declare it? Resistant to heat, water, grease and dirt, it keeps the wall behind a clean and easy-to-clean worktop or cooking surface. You can even create a uniform look by choosing to use the same color or pattern as your countertops.

A graphic drawer (or a few!)

IKEA called on the Swedish design collective 10-gruppen to design different models of cabinet fronts, such as stripes in black and white; just add one or a few to neutral cabinets to create more visual interest.

Metal handles

Punchy handles are the ideal complement to low investment and high impact in a kitchen. Try a sleek, modern design that doesn’t complicate minimal aesthetics.

Geometric pendant

A metal pendant lamp that uses crystal lines will create clever patterns on the cabinets and walls. A round bulb would look great here, but you can experiment with different shapes and colors to enhance the look.

There is no need to complicate a minimal kitchen look. Whether you need help visualizing what’s possible or looking for a partner to make the kitchen of your dreams, IKEA Kitchen Services is there to help. Make an appointment to start.

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