How to Get Packages Delivered to Your Apartment

You have moved into your new apartment and ordered accessories to furnish your living space. You might be wondering, “How are packages delivered to the apartments?” Having packages delivered to an apartment isn’t as complicated as you might think.

How is parcel delivered to an apartment?

Whether it’s a package or a postman, each carrier handles package deliveries to apartments differently. Letter carriers only deliver to a letterbox or parcel box in an apartment complex, while parcel carriers can deliver the package to a door, rental office, or special safe. You should plan to be at home to receive your package from the package carrier so that you can receive it in a safe and timely manner. Otherwise, have a roommate, neighbor, or rental office accept the package for you.

Who are the main delivery companies?

The main parcel carriers are FedEx, UPS, DHL, and Amazon. The US Postal Service only delivers unit-specific mailboxes. Although apartment mailboxes may vary in size, the Postal Service only delivers mail and small packages that can fit in a mailbox that is at least 3 inches high by 12 inches wide and 15 inches wide. depth. If the package does not fit in the mailbox, you will receive a notice to pick up the item at the local post office. If your apartment complex offers a parcel locker, the postman will leave large packages in the locker.

Does FedEx deliver to apartment doors?

How does FedEx deliver the apartments? Does FedEx deliver to your apartment door? These questions can confuse you when you move into an apartment and want to receive packages. However, if you are not at home, the parcel carrier will leave a note on your door stating that the person attempted to deliver the parcel. FedEx carriers generally won’t leave packages at the door if the location is not secure.

FedEx will attempt to deliver your package three times. After three delivery attempts, you will receive a notification that you will need to pick up the package at a local FedEx location. You can also request that your package be held at the FedEx branch for pick up when you have it, or schedule a delivery date and time when you are home.

Can I have my FedEx apartment delivery sent to the rental office?

You can ask the rental desk staff if they are willing to accept packages for you. If you choose this option and the rental desk accepts your packages, be considerate and get your items quickly.

Does UPS deliver to apartment buildings?

UPS delivers the packages to the apartments. UPS will make three attempts to deliver your package and will leave a UPS Information Notice in a visible location to notify you that a UPS carrier has attempted delivery. When ordering a product via UPS or any other carrier, be specific with the address of your apartment. Write your full name, mailing address, specific apartment and any other details so that the driver can send you your package.

If the driver cannot find you, UPS will keep the package at the local UPS location and send a postcard via postal service that you need to contact them with further information. If you are not going to be home, you can let the driver know that you can leave the package with your roommate or neighbor.

Does DHL deliver to apartments?

DHL works like other parcel carriers and will deliver a parcel to your apartment door. You will need to allow access if the entrance requires a key to enter the apartment complex. When you are not at home for DHL delivery, arrange for the courier to deliver it to an alternate address or have DHL keep it at the facility until you can collect the package.

Will a parcel carrier deliver to an apartment without an elevator?

If you live in an apartment without a lift, the delivery person will first contact your apartment. Once you allow the individual to enter, the parcel carrier will go up the stairs to deliver the parcel to you. The package must have your name with the apartment number so that the carrier knows that he or she is delivering to the right person and the right apartment number.

When a delivery person has to climb stairs to get your package to you, be sure to express your thanks. FedEx drivers cannot accept tips. However, if carriers often deliver packages to your apartment, consider leaving them a thank you card to show your appreciation.

How are Amazon packages delivered to the apartments?

Amazon delivers packages to apartments the same way other package carriers do. If you live a busy life and aren’t home at all times, consider using one of Amazon’s parcel lockers. Many public places such as supermarkets and malls have an Amazon Locker location inside their buildings.

When placing your order on Amazon, provide the locker location you are using. Once Amazon delivers the package, you will get an access code. Simply go to the locker location, enter the one-time code, and collect your Amazon package. Amazon also offers apartment managers Amazon Hub apartment lockers that the manager can install in the apartment complex.

Can I have the package sent from my apartment to my place of work?

You should ask your employer if you can have packages delivered to your workplace. If your workplace is small with a relaxed atmosphere, your employer may let you ship packages to the office. You’ll want to make sure your employer approves your deliveries to the office. However, do not abuse the privilege.

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