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Don’t let annoying mosquitoes ruin the sanctity of your living space. You don’t need to use harsh chemicals like DEET or loud electric zappers to drive these pests out of your home. Instead, you can use natural ingredients and interesting home remedies for mosquitoes. So how do you get rid of mosquitoes in the house? Read on to discover the best natural ways to deter these pesky insects.

  1. Lavender oil
  2. Citronella candles
  3. Camphor
  4. Garlic
  5. The vinegar
  6. Plants
  7. Tea tree oil
  8. Dry ice
  9. Pinyon pine wood
  10. Drying sheets
  11. Beer
  12. coffee grounds

Lavender oil

While lavender plants work to ward off mosquitoes outdoors, lavender oil is one of the best deterrents available for your home. According to Mosquito Reviews, lavender oil has a 93% insect repellency rate when used indoors.

To create an even more effective repellant, combine lavender oil with cinnamon and lemongrass oil to really cloud the smell of mosquitoes. Using lavender oil in a diffuser is also a great way to disperse the scent. If you are using it topically, be sure to dilute it enough so that it does not irritate your skin.

Citronella candles

Another great way to get rid of mosquitoes is citronella candles. Although the smell is pleasant to humans, insects do not like it and will fly away. If you don’t want to burn candles, keep a lemongrass plant in your apartment or crush the leaves of the plant and place them around your living space.


One of the most effective ways to get rid of mosquitoes is to use camphor. The white, waxy substance comes from the bark and wood of camphor trees. Mosquitoes use their sense of smell to detect the carbon dioxide that humans naturally produce when breathing. The smell of camphor overwhelms them, rendering them unable to detect carbon dioxide. If they can’t smell the chemicals that indicate a blood source, they leave. Simply place camphor tablets in the corners of your apartment, and as they evaporate, the aroma will fill the room and repel mosquitoes.


Garlic is very useful in deterring mosquitoes. The compound allicin emits from your pores after ingesting garlic, and it disturbs your smell and confuses mosquitoes. Also, if you boil garlic cloves in water, you can put the water in a spray bottle and spray it around your house. The garlic smell will wear off soon and the mosquitoes will be gone.

The vinegar

Mosquitoes don’t like the smell of vinegar, so you can spray it around your apartment to repel them just like you would garlic water. Mosquitoes taste with their paws, and if they taste a little vinegar on your skin, they will fly away rather than bite you. You can also consume certain types of vinegar, like apple cider vinegar, to boost your body’s natural repellency system.


Several common plants make excellent mosquito deterrents. You can keep them inside your apartment or place them near potential entry points, such as the door or near open windows. Marigolds, lemongrass, mint, lavender, basil, and lemon balm seem to ward off these annoying insects more effectively. In addition, you can use multiple herbs for cooking or making tea.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil, which comes from the Melaleuca alternifolia tree that grows all over Australia, contains a compound called eucalyptol, similar to what is found in eucalyptus oil. Some people believe that the compound deters mosquitoes because they dislike the smell or taste.

The scent is often powerful, so you need to use small amounts in a diffuser – just enough to scent the room. You can also use tea tree oil topically, but be sure to dilute it properly in case you are sensitive to it. Never ingest tea tree oil as it can irritate the lining of the throat, stomach and intestines.

Dry ice

While this one might sound odd, dry ice is an effective mosquito kill. Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide and, as it melts, it releases carbon dioxide which attracts mosquitoes. You can put dry ice in a container with holes, and mosquitoes will be trapped and die inside.

You can also hang chunks of dry ice in a mesh bag, but be sure to keep containers with dry ice away from children and pets. Dry ice can burn your skin on direct contact, so be sure to use mittens or gloves when handling it.

Pinyon pine wood

Not only does burning pinyon pine wood add a pleasant scent to your home, it also repels those pesky mosquitoes. You can burn wood in your fireplace, although pinyon incense works just as efficiently if you can find it.

Drying sheets

Compounds like linalool and beta-citronellol that are found in some brands of drying sheets, such as Bounce, often help repel mosquitoes. When you are outside, take the sheets from the dryer in your pocket and inside the apartment, hang them or store them in discreet places like shelves, counter corners and kitchen tables. night.


If you love to drink beer, you might not want to sacrifice it to kill mosquitoes, but it’s an effective way to get rid of it. Mosquitoes love the smell and taste of beer, so if you devote a drink to them, they will drown when they try to get a drink. Be sure to label the beer so you don’t end up drinking it with the drowned mosquitoes.

coffee grounds

Almost everyone has coffee grounds in their house. Studies show that coffee grounds are an effective deterrent – and in some cases kill – many insects, including mosquitoes. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water, such as in puddles, plant supports, and even holes in trees. When you place coffee grounds in water sources like these, the larvae cannot breathe oxygen, so they die.

Inside the house, you can burn dry coffee grounds just like you would incense. The smell and smoke repel mosquitoes effectively. Add bay leaves for a fresh scent and extra repellant.

If you have a mosquito problem in your home, these natural remedies can help you get rid of it. Are you looking to move completely? Search thousands of apartments for rent on Zumper and find your new home.

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