How to Live A More Lovely Life

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How to live a better life

When you read my new book, A Lovely Life, I hope you feel inspired to come home and leave the stresses of the world on the other side of the door. You are worthy of a good life. A beautiful life isn’t about having it all, it’s about finding peace, joy and beauty in the little things around you (some that maybe no one but you and the people you love would even notice) !).

I asked a few blogger friends to organize some fun GIVEAWAYS and join me today and Thursday to share a few things that make their own lives better for them! I’m so excited for them to be part of this Lovely Life Book Tour. You will love getting to know these ladies and also discover a nice GIFT at each stop! You can grab them all!

How to live a better life

I will share all the links to the tour participants later in this article! There are great freebies at each stop on the tour, so be sure to enter each one!

I’ve learned to savor more beauty and simplicity over the years through seasons of anxiety, autoimmune disease, loss, and life’s stresses and challenges (I’ve written specifically about these seasons in my book Dwelling and my journal Dwelling Well).

Putting on my rose-colored glasses to better appreciate even the ordinary beauty in front of me has helped me on the path to healing and more gratitude. Embracing my own sustainable rhythms at home reminds me to be present in what brings joy through every season, even through life’s inevitable difficult times.

I hope the desire to create your own beautiful life will resonate with you as well.

How to live a better life

A good life is not inaccessible. It’s for everyone. It’s about enjoying simple pleasures at home. It’s about slowing down to a more soulful pace with each season so that we don’t feel like we can never catch our breath or have time to do or even notice the things that make good life for us.

My new book, A Lovely Life, is not a manual to teach you how to live! How you do it is up to you! Everyone will find the beauty in life in their own unique way, but I hope the simplicity of the posts sparks ideas or mindsets that can inspire you on how you want to savor your beautiful life.

How to live a better life

You can pre-order A Lovely Life today (you won’t be charged until the book ships). Not only does it help me immensely as an author to have pre-orders (thank you!) but we have a fantastic freebie for you just for pre-ordering before May 5th!

How to live a better life
Get your free planner and botanical art prints HERE

I created the Lovely Life Seasonal Planner to be a wonderful personalized companion resource for you while you read the book. It’s downloadable and will be available immediately upon your pre-order, so you can even start planning your seasons right away, even before your book arrives!

Order the book here or wherever books are sold, then head HERE to get your planner and a free botanical art print that you can use for your Lovely Life notebook, your wall, or an inspiration board!

How to live a better life

I’ve written 11 books about home and how to feel best in it, so if you resonate with the simplicity of these concepts, you might find inspiration in all of my books! Each can benefit you or someone you love in a unique way in every season of life.

Enjoy the tour posts today and be sure to partake in each of the lovely bundle giveaways on Tuesday and Thursday, including a great giveaway of a set of my books!

How to live a better life

Get started today (click on each link below) and find the next three stops on the tour!

tuesday 26 april:

The inspired room
She tried (Nice book gift!)
Shiplap and shells (Nice garden lot!)
Robyn’s French Nest (lots of morning routine!)

Thursday April 28:

The inspired room
Grace in My Space (Nice book gift!)
Rooms for rent (Lovely Gatherings bundle!)
Southern Hospitality (Nice evening routine bundle offer!)

Each of the ladies in this Lovely Book Tour are women who inspire me to make my own life more beautiful, so I am delighted to introduce them to you. I know they will inspire you too.

You can enter the book contest on the form below and at the first stop today and Thursday. Be sure to enter all the giveaways this week on every tour blog!

How to live a better life


a Rafflecopter gift

Then visit She Gave it a Go! Click HERE and be sure to enter the giveaways at each of the visits this week!

Come here to the blog this week and I’ll direct you to more great giveaway opportunities – check out all the dreamy giveaway bundles below!

How to live a better life
How to Live A More Lovely Life 19

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