How to Make a Boatneck Top

How to Make a Boatneck Top

Stitch Club Simply Knit Boatneck Top Supplies + Tutorial

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Fall weather is the best! It finally means pulling out the super soft fall sweaters we put away last year now that the colder temperatures are coming. Adopt a cozy look and create your own sweater this year with our Plain Knit Boat Neck Top tutorial, which gives you step-by-step instructions on how to create this classic look yourself.

Working from bottom to top with Patons Canadiana Yarn, easily knit two identical panels, then sew them together with rib, then quickly switch to stockinette stitch. Incorporate a shiny thread into the panels to create chunky stripes (it will really make those short sleeves stand out!).

You can order all of the supplies you need for this project, including wire and tools, by purchasing the complete kit available on Yarnspirations. For all the details and instructions, download our Boat Neck High Knitting Pattern.


Are you still learning the basics or just need a refresher? Never scared! Visit our GH Stitch Club homepage for tips and tricks – you’ll master the basics of knitting, crochet, macrame and more.

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