How to Mount a TV in an Apartment

How to Mount a TV in an Apartment Janthra

When you move into an apartment, you want to make your new home as cozy and comfortable as possible. To make the most of the space in your apartment, you can mount your flat screen TV on the wall. It’s actually easier than you might think to wall mount a TV in your apartment, and it can make your space more open and tidy. With just a few hours of effort, you can enjoy a movie on your wall mounted TV.

Check with your landlord first

Check your rental agreement before you start to assemble your TV. The lease will usually state whether you can make holes in the walls and what repairs or repairs you need to make when you leave the apartment, such as covering nail or screw holes. Wall mounting a TV will only require a few small holes that are easy to cover and paint as you move around, leaving no more mess than hanging pictures on the walls.

After checking your rental agreement, it’s a nice gesture to check with your landlord on how to install your TV in your apartment. Reassure the homeowner that you will be covering the holes with spackle and paint when you move, which will increase your chances of getting your security deposit refunded.

Choose the best location to install your TV

When you’re ready to mount your TV, you want to assess your apartment space and determine the best location to hang your TV. It depends on the layout of the room, such as the seating in the room and the location of the electrical outlets on the walls. You can hide the cords, but you still want to mount the TV near the outlet.

The most comfortable sight alignment is usually around or just above eye level, which will likely be around 45 to 60 inches from the ground to the bottom of the frame. It depends on the size of your room and the distance between the TV and the furniture.

You can ask a few friends to help you easily choose the best location for your TV. Sit in the seat you will be watching TV from, have your friends hold the TV against the wall, and experiment with different positions to determine the ideal location for the TV.

Alternatively, you can simply cut a piece of cardboard to the size of your TV and stick it to the wall. Sit in the viewing location and move the cardboard around until you determine the best place to hang the TV. Once you’ve decided on the perfect location, draw clear lines on the wall with a pencil to mark the four corners of the TV’s desired location.

How to choose your wall mount

Many flat screen TVs come with mounting kits that contain brackets designed for that particular TV. If your TV didn’t come with mounting accessories, you’ll want to make sure that the mounting kit you purchase is compatible with the size and model of your TV. For example, brackets will have a maximum weight limit and some TVs have curved backs that require a specific mounting kit.

It is important to make sure that the kit you choose can support the weight of your TV, because if you use the wrong mounting brackets your TV may fall off the wall which could damage the wall and the TV itself. It is a much better choice to spend a little more money and buy a suitable mounting kit than to risk damaging your TV.

You may prefer a hinged wall mount that tilts and swivels, to give more flexibility and a better viewing experience from the angle and direction in which the TV is facing. If you decide you don’t want the extra mobility, you can buy a simple fixed TV mount.

How to wall mount a TV in your apartment

1. Locate the wall studs

Use a stud finder to find two studs in the area where you are going to mount the TV. Use a pencil to lightly mark the outside edges and centers of each stud. When mounting your TV, it is very important to find the wall studs and install the mounting bracket directly into the studs. If you attach the bracket only to drywall, it may not be strong enough to support the weight of the TV, and the unit is much more likely to pull away from the wall.

2. Mark the holes in the bracket

Place the bracket against the wall and use a level to make sure it is straight against the wall. Mark with a pencil the drill holes where you will attach the bracket to the wall. Your kit will specify the locations in the mounting bracket where the screws belong.

3. Drill the holes in the bracket

Drill the holes in the studs, using a drill bit slightly smaller than the screws from the mounting kit.

4. Fix the bracket to the wall

Use the kit material to attach the bracket to the wall. Make sure the bracket is level when attached to the wall.

5. Attach the bracket to the TV

The other half of the bracket attaches to your TV. Protect the TV by laying it face down on a towel or padded surface, then attach the other half of the mounting bracket to the back of the TV, following the instructions in the mounting kit.

6. Secure the TV to the wall bracket

Now you just need to attach the TV bracket to the bracket mounted on the wall. This is usually easier to accomplish with two people, to prevent the TV from falling or being damaged.

7. Conceal the cords

Although optional, you can hide your cords with cord channels so they don’t show up. This simple solution makes the mounted TV look much cleaner and tidier and only takes a few extra minutes.

Mounting a TV in your apartment can add space and style to your room. This simple project that only takes a few hours adds a modern decorative touch to your living space.