How to Remove Soft Drink Stains

Whether you drink soda daily or once in a blue moon, an occasional stain is normal. Although these stains are typically easy to remove, those from colored soda may take more effort to lift. Most brown soft drinks are tannin-based, while colored soft drink stains are caused by food coloring dye. Handling a stain while still wet is the best way to ensure successful removal. You can remove soft drink stains using products you likely already have in your pantry, such as rubbing alcohol or heavy-duty detergent. You can also visit the store to pick up a more robust stain-removal solution. Check out the following instructions on removing soft drink stains from your clothes, carpet, and upholstery.

Stain type Tannin-based/dye-based
Detergent typeHeavy-duty
Water temperatureCool

When to Call a Professional

If the stained garment is labeled as “dry clean only,” blot away as much of the stain as possible with a white paper towel before visiting your dry cleaner. If your stained upholstery is silk or vintage, contact a professional upholstery cleaner to ensure you don’t damage the delicate fabric in the stain-removal process.


  • Stain remover
  • Soft bristle brush

How to Remove Soft Drink Stains on Washable Clothes

It’s best to treat a soft drink stain on clothing as soon as possible. A variety of methods may be effective, such as flushing the stain with water, applying rubbing alcohol, and applying bleach.

  1. Lift Moisture With a Paper Towel

    Start by blotting away as much moisture as possible with a white paper towel, and follow by flushing the underside of the stained garment beneath running, cold water.

  2. Apply Rubbing Alcohol

    If the stain is brightly colored, sponge the spot with plain rubbing alcohol or household ammonia and rinse well. When the color is gone, wash the garment as advised by its care label.

  3. Apply Stain Remover

    If the stain lingers, treat the area with a solvent-based stain remover. If you don’t have a stain remover, use a bit of heavy-duty liquid laundry detergent like Tide or Persil to treat the stain. These chemical detergents contain helpful enzymes to break down the stain. Never use a bar of natural soap or soap flakes on a soft drink stain because they can make tannin-based spots more difficult to remove. Allow the stain remover to sit on the fabric for at least fifteen minutes and wash as you normally would.

  4. Apply A Bleach Solution

    If the colored soft drink stain remains on the fabric, you can mix a solution of oxygen-based bleach and room temperature water according to instructions listed on the back of the products. Submerge the garment and allow it to soak for at least four hours or overnight, then launder as usual.


Remember, putting your garment in the dryer if it is still stained will make the stain even harder to remove.

How To Remove Soft Drink Stains on Carpet And Upholstery

Spilling a soft drink on your carpet or upholstered furniture can be frustrating, but there are several methods you can attempt to remove these stains.

  1. Use a white paper towel to absorb as much of the soft drink as possible, pressing the towel into the stain with a shoe or spatula. Replace the paper towel as it gets saturated with the drink, especially if it contains dye. Finish by applying a clean white cloth soaked with cool water to flush the area.

  2. Hang the carpet or cushion cover to air dry away from direct heat. If the stain remains, you can mix a solution of oxygen bleach and cool water following package instructions.

  3. Use a soft brush to work the oxygen bleach solution into the carpet. Allow it to sit for at least one hour before blotting away and soaking with cool water. Allow the carpet to air dry and vacuum to lift the carpet fibers. Repeat until the stain is gone.

  4. To remove soft drink stains from upholstered furniture and car upholstery, use the cleaning solutions and techniques recommended for carpets. Allow the upholstery to air dry away from sunlight and direct heat. Be careful not to over-wet the fabric because excess moisture can cause mildew.

Additional Tips for Handing Soft Drink Stains

Treatment for soft drink stains can vary based on the color of the liquid. If your spilled drink is brown, you can start by applying lemon juice to the stain and letting it sit for several minutes. You may need to repeat cleaning steps if the soft drink contains a brightly colored dye. Even if the garment isn’t “dry clean only,” if the stain doesn’t budge, you can call a dry cleaner or professional cleaning service for specialized advice.

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