How to Simplify Hosting (Simple Cider and Donuts Gathering)

How to Simplify Hosting (Simple Cider and Donuts Gathering)

How to simplify accommodation (Simple gathering of cider and donuts)

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I I can’t believe Thanksgiving is a few days away! Are you organizing holiday gatherings this season? Oh the pressure we can put on ourselves when it comes to accommodating other people with us, especially during the holidays! With social media accounts that often go above and beyond each year, impressing us with the most elaborate holiday decorating ideas and creative dishes and table settings to try, expense, creativity, and perfection set the bar so high. that it can make us feel defeated before we even decide to extend the invitations.

I’m here to encourage you that it’s not only okay to keep things much simpler, but impromptu or informal meetings (even during the holidays!).

Today I’m going to offer you some of my tips for hosting gatherings that will put everyone (including YOU!) At ease.

How to simplify accommodation (Simple gathering of cider and donuts)

I wrote my book Simple Gatherings to help hostesses simplify the experience of opening their home. Simplicity is not only easier for you, it can be enjoyable for everyone. This is also one of the reasons I shop at Walmart, they make hospitality so convenient, simple and affordable. You can stop even on a whim and quickly find anything you are looking for, from delicious dishes to the most beautiful table settings. You can come home excited and prepared to be the hostess you want to be, without breaking the bank or overburdening yourself!

Are you hesitant to host because of the size or current condition of your accommodation? Does preparing the food, setting up the decor, or creating the right atmosphere for a memorable event seem overwhelming? Despite what it might look like on social media, every gathering doesn’t have to be an elaborately styled event or be held in a beautifully organized or decorated venue.

We can invite friends and family over for something as simple as impromptu donuts and cider in the backyard, by a campfire, or around the kitchen table. Sometimes being invited to an informal meeting makes a more meaningful impression on others than the ones we deal with!

How to simplify accommodation (Simple gathering of cider and donuts)

In Simple Gatherings, I shared four key things that guests are likely to remember about your event: the atmosphere, the party, and the special touches. None of these elements require anything fancy to make them memorable.

Friends can be very busy this time of year, but impromptu invitations can be a relief for everyone. I learned a long time ago that the best secret to bringing people together, even when they’re busy … give them FOOD! Who doesn’t want to stop by a party when you hear there will be food? 🙂

If the food preparation or the styling of the table intimidates you, don’t forget to have fun with it and give up on perfection! For example, why not use supports with small feet to make a turn of donuts?

How to simplify accommodation (Simple gathering of cider and donuts)

We found these darling wooden leg stands. I love having pieces like this on hand to elevate things to a table or any surface to give more emphasis to food or decor and add a little more visual interest. A leaning tower of donuts doesn’t have to be perfect, but it might put a smile on your guests.

Yes, we could have just put the box of donuts on the table, but what’s memorable about it? Or we could have laid them out in a fancy way on a serving platter, but it’s often the unexpected or even original presentation that makes an event more fun and memorable.

We found everything we needed for this informal ‘cider and donut night’ at Walmart (and used several things we already had). It only took us a few minutes to set up but it was fun!

Here are the parts we used:

How to simplify accommodation (Simple gathering of cider and donuts)

We used the aquatic dishes we received last summer (we first shared them in our summer brunch post!).

We love this checkered tablecloth and the pretty white oval casserole dish.

We also used our woven feeder to place our dutch oven with warmed apple cider on the table. Love the added texture!

The fun winter floral “cheers” napkins made the experience festive.

There you go… a simple and fun party!

How to simplify accommodation (Simple gathering of cider and donuts)

Sometimes we overcomplicate hosting and stress out, or get so overwhelmed with the idea of ​​hosting that we don’t do it at all! But every reunion of friends and family doesn’t have to be an elaborate event! Your home doesn’t have to be perfect. Bringing together people you love or want to know is what brings JOY to you and others.

It doesn’t take much. Offer delicious food. You don’t have to start from scratch, do what’s right for you if it helps you feel less stressed! Take it out of the box or container and put it in your own dish if you want to give it a “homemade” feel. Keep it simple and easy!

Add some special touches. Maybe light up a few tunes for an extra memorable experience. It’s always worth being intentional in collecting, you’ll be glad you did!

We have such a comfortable home in our new backyard. It inspired me that a holiday gathering doesn’t have to be fancy to be festive.

A tower of delicious donuts, gathered around a fireplace with a mug of steaming hot cider in hand, what could be better? It’s the simple things that make us happy, warm and cozy this time of year, don’t you think?

How to simplify accommodation (Simple gathering of cider and donuts)

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How to simplify accommodation (Simple gathering of cider and donuts)

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