How to Store a Bike in an Apartment

Whether you are looking to store your things in a small apartment or just want to create more space, there are many creative solutions to the perennial problem of storing a bicycle in an apartment.

Cycling is a great way to save money on transportation, exercise, and protect the environment. While it is especially convenient to ride a bike if you live in the city, chances are you will also have a smaller living space, so you might not have a bike rack or discount for storing your bike.

Fortunately, there are plenty of creative ways to store a bicycle in an apartment – some of them can even add flair to the look of your apartment! Check out 5 of our favorite bicycle storage solutions.

Hang up your bike

One of the most stylish and minimal ways to store your bike in an apartment is to hang it on hooks on the wall or ceiling. Hanging up your bike will free up a lot of space and is a relatively inexpensive solution. If you want to keep your bike hidden, you can hang it in a closet or hang a curtain around it. You can find a way to make your bike part of the decor, such as hanging it over a fireplace or sofa or using decorative hooks to match your style.

There are many inexpensive clips and brackets to hang your bike on the wall. The Hornit CLUB bike clip can be mounted on any surface with no hardware required except the one-piece clip that attaches to the wheels of the bike. The Feedback Sports Velo Wall Mounted Bike Rack is bigger but still versatile. It allows you to mount a bike on the wall so that the bike is kept away from the wall itself, which helps to avoid scuff marks and protect your bike. Both are available on Amazon.

Get a bike dock

A bike dock is another way to hang a bike, but it’s a little more stylish than a basic stand. A bike dock looks like art you could hang on your wall, but opens to reveal hanging bike storage. Bike docking stations tend to be more expensive than basic wall hanging options, but they are more accessible and more upscale, so can be a good investment.

Hang your bike vertically

In addition to basic hangers or bike docks, vertical bike racks are another great way to store a bike on the floor and free up more space in your apartment. Vertical bike racks or hangers hang your bike from the front wheel, making it easier to store in small spaces like behind a door or in a tight corner. Vertical bicycle racks also take up less wall space than other bicycle hangers.

Discover the Steadyrack Classic Rack that unfolds from the wall like a Murphy bed or an ironing board. Place your bike by simply tilting it onto its rear wheel, then pushing it forward to put it vertically in the rack.

Place your bike out of sight

Perhaps the easiest way to store a bicycle in your apartment is to simply place it in a closet behind your clothes, in a laundry room or hallway, or behind a large piece of furniture like a sofa. This is a good option if you want to avoid making holes in the wall by installing a clip, bracket, or wall bracket. It also makes your bike a bit more accessible, which is useful if you use it frequently. However, you will save less space this way than with other storage options, and space is especially valuable in a small apartment!

Mount your bike on a stand

A freestanding bike rack is another relatively inexpensive option for storing bikes in an apartment that requires little assembly and does not require hanging. The racks can hold one or two bikes, so this is also a great option if you have more than one bike in your apartment. A bike rack won’t keep your bike out of sight, but it’s a useful way to keep your storage solution visually appealing. You can place a bike rack in a hidden space, in the corner of a room or in a hallway, but you can also integrate your bike into your interior decoration, for example by placing it next to your TV or your sofa. , or along the wall in a bedroom.

A bike rack is a similar option that’s useful for storing multiple bikes, but some require installation.

On Amazon, check out the Delta Cycle Michelangelo Two-Bike Gravity Stand, an easy-to-assemble, inexpensive rack that can accommodate a variety of bike types, from lightweight city bikes to mountain bikes. Bike racks are great for indoor storage, but if you have an outdoor space, like a porch or patio, you can use a bike rack to save even more space inside.

The best way to store a bike in an apartment depends on how much you want to spend, how many bikes you have, your ability to punch holes in a wall or ceiling, and whether you need your bike to be particularly accessible, among others. other factors. These storage solutions can help make your small apartment or living space more spacious without leaving your bike exposed to the elements.

Don’t let living in an apartment or small living space stop you from owning a bicycle, whether for transportation or pleasure (or both!) There are several different options for storing a bicycle in a small apartment than you can consider. Try some of the options above to see which one works best for you.

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