How to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Warm & Cozy Boho Retreat

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Modern bohemian flair is all about tapping into this laid-back West Coast attitude for a space that reduces the buzz of everyday life to a whisper. It’s no wonder it’s become a bedroom favorite, the first place we retreat when we need a little R&R.

Read Engelhart, Good Housekeepingthe visual styling director of, is a huge fan. “I love the way the bohemian style conjures up a destination like a beach getaway or a boutique hotel, and it’s exactly the kind of dreamy, relaxed vibe you want in your room,” she says.

Fortunately, you can enjoy the tranquility of modern bohemian style at The Home Depot. They have a comprehensive collection of products that, when combined, can transform your bedroom into an oasis of free spirit, from pillows to rugs and more. *

Read on to learn how to create your own invitation. escape home in just four steps.

Choose a calming color palette

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Serenity now! Paint your walls in warmer white tones to keep you relaxed.

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Pull out the brush, because the most dreamlike rooms of the bohemian rooms are anchored in beautiful white walls. But is shade important? Oh yes. Cooler tones can give your room a clinical and austere feel, which is why Engelhart suggests looking for warmer shades that will be more relaxing on the eyes, such as Behr Swiss coffee. She adds, “Be sure to test samples on all four walls to see how light affects shade throughout the day.”

From there, tap into the serenity of nature by complementing your color palette with earthy tones, like terracotta, camel, sage, and mustard. And if your space is small, reduce the saturation of this supportive plaster for more buoyancy.

Use texture to stack on the personality

neutral bedding
Texture over texture? To verify.

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Add character and depth to your soothing hideaway with a patchwork of textured details. Throw mismatched pillows with playful tassels on your bed and chairs; double on fluffy sheets; floor the space with a woven rug (or layer two over each other for a bit more style). Without these touches, your restful retirement could literally fall flat.

Oh, let’s not forget the anchor of your bedroom: the always important bed frame. Opt for a wood option that proudly sports its grain, or dive into one of Engelhart’s favorite trends: rattan.

neutral bench
The cane and rattan furniture complement the traditional and contemporary spaces.

David Tsay

“Cane and rattan furniture has an airy lightness and resembles outdoor furniture, which helps bring that holiday vibe into an indoor space,” she says. “These textured materials also complement traditional and contemporary spaces, so they will never go out of style.” Complete the look by placing a rustic sisal bench at its foot so you can easily slip into your slippers.

Make sure everything has its place

If there is a place for your glasses, you will not forget where they are.

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Store your clutter in hand-woven baskets, a staple of any bohemian look. Thoughtful placement can also help optimize your routine, according to Ehgelhart. “A small basket on your bedside table can hold night creams, an eye mask and your latest library book,” says the style director.

Bonus: Since the baskets have no lids, nothing is totally out of sight and out of mind, meaning you’ll never miss an opportunity to put your essentials to work. “If you can see it, you’ll use it,” Engelhart adds.

Give it one last bloom

Make the bedroom your own personal bohemian paradise.

David Tsay

The bohemian style calls for blurring the lines between inside and outside. Fortunately, all it takes is a few lush, air-purifying houseplants like philodendron, snake plants or lavender. Not the green thumb? No problem. Simply mix fake and fresh greenery together to create a slightly easier to maintain mini jungle.

First, “plant” your fake flowers in real pots or baskets. Then add decorative moss, bend the stems to face the sun, and place a watering can nearby to complete the illusion. You can even buy dried pampas grass or palm leaves. Once everything is in place, take a deep breath, grab a good book, and settle into your own personal paradise.

*Prices reflected are subject to change.

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