How to Uplift Your Spirits At Home (+ A New Project!)

How to boost morale at home (+ a new project!)

Tit is a “depressed and brooding” period of time between the holidays and spring that makes it a bit more difficult for many people to find joy in the house. Especially if you don’t live in a hot and sunny state in winter! But even if you have sun all winter long, life can have its ups and downs.

So what can we do at home to cheer ourselves up?

Today I am going to talk about a simple way to boost morale in our homes
(plus show you our favorite feature in our new room and talk about an upcoming project)!

One of the things I do for our well-being during the winter is make sure our house feels like a sanctuary. I think it’s important to create a sanctuary in every season, of course, but every season offers the opportunity to focus on a different area of ​​our well-being as well as our home.

How to boost morale at home (+ a new project!)
How to Uplift Your Spirits At Home (+ A New Project!) 15

Right now, we might be feeling inspired by the twinkling lights and excited about the Christmas festivities next week (if you missed the post on our exterior and porch lights, you can see it here). But once all of those twinkling lights are out of the house and the fun vacation get-togethers are over, I find it helpful to have a room or a house project to focus on, or something to look forward to. at home (rather than simply dreading winter while waiting for spring!).

I decided this winter to focus on my new room! I will fully enjoy the season we are in now and then I will have a project to look forward to after that.

Besides, I share many tips and the uplifting rhythms that I practice at home over the seasons in my new book A Lovely Life, you can read it and pre-order it here! Hope you enjoy having this new book on your coffee table or nightstand to refer to for encouragement and uplifting reminders throughout the year!

Focusing on a room to cheer you up doesn’t mean you have to remodel or redecorate it! Maybe you’ll just like to put things in it or rearrange things, maybe the room you’ve chosen needs to be cleaned, decluttering, or organized, or maybe you just want to spend some time enjoying it. ‘space.

We just moved into our new home this fall, so we haven’t worked on our room at all, other than bringing in some furniture from our old home. To jog your memory of our old bedroom, here is a photo of how our bedroom looked just before we moved. It was a small but comfortable room!

How to boost morale at home (+ a new project!)
How to Uplift Your Spirits At Home (+ A New Project!) 16

If you followed when we were living in our last home, you might remember last spring that I was sharing that I was considering changing our master bedroom (above) to our son’s bedroom after he left. While there were good practical reasons for possibly making a change like this, one of the less crucial but still fun perks was that it would have allowed us to add patio doors that would connect our bedroom. to our little side patio which I loved.

It has been a difficult year (as it has been for everyone in different ways and to varying degrees, and much worse for many!). While counting our blessings and enjoying the gift of unexpected time with our family at home, one way I was able to keep hope and creative inspiration during some of our own difficult challenges was to come up with fun ideas for our home.

Cultivating gratitude for what I have while allowing myself to dream about the future improves my mood. I imagined how the patio doors would bring so much light into the bedroom. We could open the doors to start the day with some fresh air, so we could see a little nook just outside our room where we would sip our coffee or tea on a summer morning or have dinner for two (in our room). future empty nest life!) in the evening.

Remember the inspirational photo of the bedroom with exterior patio doors and seating area that I shared? I’ll post it again below to jog your memory, or in case you missed it.

As I shared this inspirational photo, I never imagined the unexpected twists and turns that would occur in the following months that would make this dream of “French doors to a patio for two” come true. There have been so many ups and downs in the year and a half up to where we are now that it just got a little harder to dream, even for a longtime dreamer like me.

But oh my god. Everything changed last summer. When I felt that tugging in my heart to visit the island we now live in, which I drove to what would become our new home, and then walked into what would be our new bedroom, I could not believe my eyes! Right in front of me was a set of patio doors, leading into the lovely space for morning coffee.

How to boost morale at home (+ a new project!)

Every day I wake up and pinch myself, it’s like waking up in my dream! I still can’t believe we have patio doors that open onto a perfect spot for morning coffee or dinner for two. It’s so much like I dreamed but even more than I could have dreamed.

How to boost morale at home (+ a new project!)
How to Uplift Your Spirits At Home (+ A New Project!) 17

And I will never forget the view of the sky, the sea and the charming neighborhood. It’s a gift. I will never stop being grateful for this and for so many other prayers answered through the unexpected turn of events of the past few months.

So, with everything that has happened since last spring, it felt fitting that I chase my dream and start working on our bedroom this winter. Just like I had planned to do in our old house, except with a little less construction :).

How to boost morale at home (+ a new project!)
How to Uplift Your Spirits At Home (+ A New Project!) 18

While we have some dreams and future plans for our new bedroom which I will share soon, our immediate goal is to make it our own in an easy way. I just want to put the room together and make it cozy for the winter (but I also want it to be simple for springing up.) In the next few posts, I’ll be sharing four mood boards and then the photos of the room, photos of where we started, what we’ve brought into the room so far, and the new things we’ll be adding to the room this winter.

How to boost morale at home (+ a new project!)

As you probably know by now, I love to create moodboards when I go to work on a room. I call them “mood boards” because they are more than just “design boards”. For me, designing a room isn’t just about creating a style that speaks to me (although that’s also fun!), It’s also how the room feels inside. Mood boards help me visualize the mood of the room, which helps me focus on ways to improve my actual mood each season!

So, before signing next week for Christmas, I thought I’d share our four possible mood boards in my next post. I would love to hear your thoughts on which ones you prefer!

What room or what project will you be focusing on this winter?

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