In the Glow: A Bright Bushwick Apartment, Courtesy of eBay, Craigslist, and Clever DIY Ideas

The best homes are those that evolve slowly over time, the kind of spaces where you can point to any object and the owner will have an interesting story about where it came from or how it was made. Take Clement and Sara Pascal’s Bushwick apartment. The couple (he’s a photographer; she’s a psychologist) bought the 1,000-square-foot Brooklyn apartment ten years ago – and it took them about that long to get it to where it is now.

Much of the vintage mid-century furniture was found by patiently hunting down eBay and Craigslist (including almost all of Nelson’s iconic bubble lamps), and what they couldn’t find, Clement created for himself (as the BDDW Captain’s Mirror hanging in their living room). As for the many built-in storage, they are also the work of Clément: “Once I started, I could not help but find places where I could add storage”, he shares.

Their most recent update: replacing the sliding closet doors in the bedroom with wooden doors. Clément counts it as one of his DIY highlights: “It was a long time coming,” he notes (ten years, to be exact). Ironically, a month later the couple sold the apartment, finally in its finished condition.

They will soon be moving to a new space in Fort Greene and applying the same race-winning slowness design philosophy. We asked them to keep in touch and let us know when the photo is ready. Clément’s response? “It could take another 10 years.”

Below, he walks us through their Bushwick apartment, the couple’s first labor of love.

Photograph by Clément Pascal.

Clement and Sara & # 8
Above: Clément and Sara’s apartment is in a four-story building that had been emptied and redone. “The charm of the old but the new inside,” he explains. The living room features several of his vintage scores, including the Poltrona Fraus leather sofa bought in Germany and shipped here ”(“ still probably cheaper than a West Elm sofa ”). Above are two oversized Mole-Richardson fixtures for the cinema, bought on eBay, rewired and repainted. And on the right, “a round mirror that I made myself when I wanted to buy a BDDW Captains mirror but couldn’t afford it.”
Dining chairs are by Peter Danko ($ each on eBay!): & # 8
Above: The dining chairs are by Peter Danko ($ 25 each on eBay!): “I love the fluidity of the lines.” (Chairish currently has it for $ 399 each.) Saarinen’s Tulip Table is a Craigslist find. The photographs on the walls are by Clément.

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