Infinity Professional Router Table Package Review

Infinity Professional Router Table Package Review – Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to use a variety of router tables, from store-made versions to high-end tables from top manufacturers. When Infinity announced it was releasing a new professional router table, I wanted to pick it up and put it to the test. And I’m glad I did because I may have a new favorite router table. But I’ll talk more about why that’s the case in a little while.

The router table came in six different boxes and unboxing was an adventure. Everything was well packed and I found that the instructions on the Infinity website were much better than the ones included in the shipment. Overall, it took a couple of hours to set up.

The base is made of durable black powder-coated steel. It’s a standard design, but it’s built from much heavier steel than other similar styles. The optional wheelset is a nice add-on, especially if you have a small shop like me and want to move the router table. The wheels lock into place and keep both the tire and swivel motionless.

Infinity Professional Router Table

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Producer: Infinity

MSRP: $ 1074.40

Rigged router table

The top is made of layered Baltic birch plywood with a low-friction laminate surface with dimples. It appears to be more durable than MDF versions which can be dented and chipped. The aluminum fence rails end in holes at the top, which allow the sawdust to fall out and not clog the rail – an interesting feature.

Infinity Professional Router TableThe fence itself is one of the nicest fences I have used. It consists of a combination of extruded aluminum channel and faces made from more of the same laminate faced plywood. The extruded aluminum means everything is adjustable and you can position the entry and exit sides of the enclosure independently for a snug fit around the router tip.

Infinity also includes two spacer bars for the outfeed guide, so you can quickly set the guide for edge joining operations (a big plus if you don’t have a jointer). The package comes with a Triton 31/4 HP router that mounts directly to an Infinity router insert (manufactured by Jessem).

The router adjustment isn’t my favorite (I prefer a router lift style adjustment instead of the included crank through the insert), but it works fine. The insert has a series of leveling screws around the base to achieve a snug fit to the table top.

So why do I like this router table above all others I’ve used? The two main reasons are adaptability and quality. There isn’t a single item on the router table that has looked cheap. Everything is well designed and built. As for the adjustments, there is a fine tuning for almost everything on the table.

The fence has screws to fit the table. The router insert can be leveled, tuned and locked into place. The optional wings (shown in the photo) can be adjusted and leveled for an extended work surface. The base can also be adjusted to make the table height comfortable for the user. None of this to mention the dust collection system, which is one of the best I’ve used on a router table.

The collection port on the fence works in tandem with a cover around the router. It gets almost all the dust and splinters. Overall, the Infinity tools professional router table is a high-quality router table that deserves an in-depth analysis the next time you buy a router table.


-The Infinity Router Table is a very sturdy and well-built piece of equipment. It is precision machined and has a nice finish.

-The table has a large work surface that is big enough to accommodate most routers.

-The included fence is very accurate and locks in place firmly.

-The router table can be mounted to a workbench or cabinet for added stability.


-The routing slots in the tabletop are not very deep, so some routers may not fit properly.

-The included fence is not adjustable, so it may not be suitable for all routers.

Buying Tips

When looking to buy a router table, there are a few factors you need to consider. The most important factor is the size of the table. Make sure the table can comfortably accommodate your router. You should also make sure that the router table has a number of slots and T-slots so that you can securely attach your accessories.

Another important factor to consider is the height of the table. Make sure that the height is adjustable so that you can find the perfect working height. Additionally, make sure that the table has a dust port so that you can keep your work area clean.

Finally, make sure that the router table comes with a variety of accessories, such as a fence, miter gauge, and feather boards. The Infinity Professional Router Table Package comes with all of these accessories and more, making it the perfect choice for any woodworker.

The table is made of durable MDF and has a melamine finish that will resist scratches and stains. The table also has a built-in router mount that will hold your router securely in place. The fence is adjustable and comes with a T-slot for added flexibility. The miter gauge is also adjustable and has a precision machined face for accurate cuts. And the feather boards are designed to keep your workpiece in place while you’re routing.

If you’re looking for a high-quality router table package, the Infinity Professional Router Table Package is a perfect choice.

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