Inspired By: Exterior French Doors

Yesesterday we talked about one of my next home improvement projects, moving our master bedroom to the other side of the house and adding french doors to our side patio! If you missed yesterday’s post, click here to catch up and see one of the first inspirational photos that convinced me to make it happen.

I found a lot of photos with double patio doors (obviously some are much larger than ours, ha) to get the ideas flowing! I’m so excited to be doing this at home! Adding exterior French doors is a fairly “simple” remodeling project that can shed more light, transform function, and add character to a space both indoors and out.

Whether you are working on a similar project or following mine, I hope you enjoy the inspiration today!

Inspired by: Exterior French doors
Cottage Living March 2008
Inspired by: Exterior French doors
Mark D Sikes Design // via 1st Dibs

Click HERE to see my last article for more details on our upcoming project!

Thank you for following everything we have done so far to make this home ours. It will be fun to see this house take on even more personality and style. I can’t wait to share the vision for each new update I would like to make!

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