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If there was one room I could design over and over again… it would be the kitchens. These are my favorites! I love looking through kitchen inspiration photos and focusing on every little detail of what the designer chose for the cabinet design, lighting, counters, ceilings, tiles, floors, layout, accessories … all these elements combined can create such a beautiful unique spaces!

Whenever I’m looking for design inspiration, I don’t care what size the room is, or if I think it’s “bigger” than what I can achieve with my own home or budget. . I take inspiration from all kinds of places and find ways to incorporate what I love into my own home! Even if at first glance I don’t like each detail of a space, I like to take a closer look and analyze what is not my favorite and what I would do differently if it was at home. This practice has helped me better refine my personal style over the years.

I came across a few beautiful kitchens this week, thought to share with you here, as well as some of my favorite kitchen inspiration posts on the blog at the end. Enjoy!

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