Italic Slumber Down Comforter Review: Just Like Hotels

We purchased the Italic Slumber Down Comforter so our reviewer could put it to the test in her home. As of October 2021, this comforter has been discontinued, but you can still shop their similar Plush Feather Down Comforter. With that in mind, keep reading for our full product review.

With two kids under the age of three, every extra hour I spend in bed feels like a weekend getaway. Naturally, I like my bedding to be as cozy and luxurious as possible—and, of course, durable. Over the course of a month, I tested the Italic Slumber Down Comforter to see if it met my expectations of what a luxury, five-star hotel-quality comforter should be: warm, fluffy, and breathable with high-quality construction.

The Spruce / Deanna McCormack

Before I dive into my review of the Slumber Down Comforter, it’s important to understand the concept of the Italic brand. Founded in 2018, Italic is a direct-to-consumer shopping platform that gives shoppers access to “high-end products, made by the same factories that make your favorite pieces but sold at cost.” Essentially, unlike a traditional brand, Italic allows you to buy luxury products directly from the manufacturers at fraction of the price (for additional savings and other benefits, you can become an Italic Bold member for a $60 annual fee). In the case of this comforter, the Italic site says it’s made with the same manufacturer as Frette Luxury Linens and the Four Seasons and St. Regis hotels. 

The shell is crisp 300 thread-count 100 percent cotton which feels cool and silky.

For testing, I used this comforter every night for four and a half weeks on the king bed I share with my husband. The temperature in our bedroom is kept around 65 degrees, so we like a warm comforter but since we have hot summers where we live, we sweat under anything too heavy. Immediately, we liked how light the Slumber Down Comforter felt compared to other down comforters we’ve used in the past. It didn’t feel heavy on my body but kept us both warm—a little too warm for our southwestern summers. We do feel it would be great for year-round use in a cold climate. The down is hypoallergenic 80 percent duck down and 20 percent feather down with 700 fill power. Fill power measures the quality and loft of down, and 700 is on the high side. Storing this comforter is easy because it isn’t very thick, and the down compresses nicely to fit into a storage bag or box (not included).

The Spruce / Deanna McCormack

Looking at the comforter from a construction perspective, there are loops in each corner to secure the blanket to my duvet cover. The shell is crisp 300 thread-count 100 percent cotton which feels cool and silky. It makes a noisy crinkling sound when you move around under it, although my duvet cover muffled the sound for the most part. The comforter has a double stitched quilted pattern to keep the feathers in place and evenly distributed over the bed, plus self-piping around the edges. 

Storing this comforter is easy because it isn’t very thick, and the down compresses nicely to fit into a storage bag or box.

My biggest caveat with the Italic Slumber Down Comforter is the size. At just 100 x 90 inches for the king and California king, it didn’t drape off my bed at all or fill out my roomy duvet cover. They also have twin/twin XL and full/queen comforters available. Comparing their sizes to other comforters, they would be small as well. Also, when inside the duvet cover the comforter slides around a bit because of the smooth shell. 

The Spruce / Deanna McCormack

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wash this comforter?

Italic doesn’t mention specific care instructions online or in the box it gets delivered in. In general, you don’t need to wash your down comforter often, especially if you use a duvet cover to protect it. Spot treat if you need, and every few months you can wash the comforter in your machine using the delicate cycle.

How does the Slumber Down Comforter compare to the competition?

Italic compares this comforter to the Frette Livia Down Duvet Filler which retails for $975. The Frette comforter has similar double stitching and cotton piping finish but is 100 percent white duck down with 600 fill power. The Frette comforter is 106 x 96, 6 inches larger on both sides.

Italic also compares this comforter, price-wise, to the Brooklinen down comforter. The king-size Brooklinen All Seasons Down Comforter retails for around $459, and has 700 fill power, Canadian duck down, and a 100 percent long-staple cotton shell. From personal experience, the Brooklinen comforter is fluffier and softer.

Final Verdict

Size matters.

If you’re looking to upgrade your comforter to something like makes you feel like you’re in a five-star hotel but don’t want to break the bank, the Italic Slumber Down Comforter seems like a worthy option. However, it does run small and doesn’t feel as fluffy as other options I’ve tried.

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