Jessica Alba Opens Up About Creating the Honest Company’s Conscious Cleaning Collection

Since its inception in 2012, actress Jessica Alba has grown her consumer products business, The Honest Company, with a simple mission: to deliver baby and home items that aren’t loaded with harmful chemicals. But that’s not the only selling point that has resonated with consumers, especially busy moms, over the years.

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As a mother of three, touting the convenience of shopping on has been key to the brand’s success. Instead of scrambling to restock essentials like diapers and wipes at the last minute, Honest offers subscriptions, where shoppers can select how often and when they want to ship.

Clean Vibes Kit Conscious Cleaner The Honest Company

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$ 38.19

Now Alba is bringing that same level of attention to Honest’s new Conscious Cleaning collection, designed to reduce your carbon footprint and single-use plastic. The line includes a multi-surface cleaner, a glass cleaner, as well as a bathroom cleaner that costs $ 14.99 each and comes with an empty spray bottle and two refill pods. There’s also a Clean Vibes kit, including all three products, plus a Palo Santo stick and reusable microfiber cloth for just under $ 40.

“When I founded the company it was definitely about putting people’s health and well-being first and then, of course, thinking about everything that goes down the drain and s ‘ensure that this does not poison our waterways and oceans,’ says Alba Good Housekeeping, noting that millions of plastic bottles go to our landfills every year. “But the last big piece of the puzzle is finding a more sustainable packaging solution, and I’m really proud that we were able to do that.”

jessica alba honest and conscious cleaning collection

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Alba acknowledged that her two daughters and son had played a small role in the development of the cleaning line. “My kids helped choose the scent profile (a mix of citrus, mint and sweet notes),” she said. “We were aware that – even when it came to things that really need to kill germs at this next level – not to put on harsh fragrances or scents. It’s really important to us.

As to how to help your children with the housework? “A timer!” Alba said, thanking her husband, Cash Warren, for coming up with the idea. Making a routine chore a fun competition between children works, according to the star.

We will definitely try this idea!

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