Join Us for A Home Challenge: A Lovely January

Join us for a challenge at home: a beautiful month of January
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Rfollowing Christmas, I spoke about the importance of having something to look forward to in January that can lift your spirits. You can read the post here.

Now that 2021 is officially coming to an end, it’s time to get started on our January goal!

A long, dark winter can be difficult for many of us, especially after the holidays. Having a home project that you look forward to, big or small, or even creating home experiences that you enjoy can make all the difference!

Thought it would be fun to do this as a challenge for our whole community, so I made a plan. Every year we talk about setting our home goals for the year, but this time I thought it would be fun to focus on a goal for January and do it together!


Join us for a challenge at home: a beautiful month of January


Pick a room you want to focus on in January. Set that as your home goal in January.

You might aim to clean this room, organize it, decorate it, paint it, or change the lighting, furniture or accessories. You can plan fun ways to be creative with projects or experiments! Or even spend some time imagining ideas for this room!

Whatever you can do that will give you a fun way to focus on creativity in January, make the month (and your home!) More enjoyable.

What room are you going to focus on? What creative ideas do you have for this space?

As I mentioned, I will be working on our room! My goal is just to be creative, to have fun progressing and to enjoy my room! Nothing complicated to cheer you up!

Once you’ve decided which space you’re going to be working on, share your project, then give us updates on what you’re doing in January! You can share your ideas and projects in our Facebook community, or post on your own social networks with the hashtag #alovelyjanuary. Feel free to tag me @theinspiredroom too and I’ll re-share some of them!

Let your friends know what you are doing and share this idea with your neighbors. Let’s make it a fun thing that we do together and I think it will lift everyone’s spirits. It’s nice to know that you are not alone.

Once a week I will update my project here on the blog and share on social media as well, so you can see what I’m doing, my progress and my inspiration! (Find me on Facebook here, and Instagram here).

Instead of a gloomy and dreary January, let’s make it a beautiful one!

In a future post, I’ll share some bedroom inspirations in case you want to work on your bedroom too!

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