Lee Valley Small Double Square

Lee Valley Small Double Square

Lee Valley Small Double SquareTool: Small double square Buy now

Producer: Lee Valley

Advised price: $ 49.50

A punch square with a narrow blade is an excellent tool for determining minor problems with your woodworking shop, allowing you to slip between narrow dovetail pins, for example, to check for sloped walls. But a real die-cutter team (on which the blade angle can be adjusted for pattern making) is quite expensive, even on the secondary market (though Lie-Nielsen sells a cheap version if you don’t need a narrow blade) .

Enter the “double square”: a similar tool, minus the angle adjustment.

Lee Valley has a small double square ($ 49.50) that comes standard with two 2’s 1?2“- long blades; one is 1?2“wide, the other just over 3?16“Wide, with a 3?32“-wide, 1?2«-Long probe at one end for sneaking into smaller places.

The butt is perfectly square to the blades and the rules are easy to change, although the center pin (the rule catch) rotates in the body. (It doesn’t work on Vesper Tools’ $ 140 double square, which comes standard with three blades and also includes a 45 ° reference bevel on the stock, while Lee Valley’s doesn’t.)

Out of the box, the edges of the square I used were very sharp, so it took me a few minutes to polish them.

I really wish that probe was longer – the 1?2”The length limits its use to thin supports. But if you don’t cut dovetails close enough together, that’s not a problem.

All in all, this little double square is a good tool for the price.

Oh – what about that box it comes out of? This is a precision instrument that should be stored with care, not simply thrown into a tool tray; the French box makes it a breeze.

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