Life Lately + A Peek at Our Office

Life Lately + A Peek at Our Office

Wwith our “empty nest” almost full again, I enjoy the time we have with our children here at home. I know it won’t last forever. You may remember that Courtney moved home a few months ago for a season, then our freshman Luke had to come back from the dorms to finish his first year of college online, thanks to the pandemic!

We are a close family and it is a pleasure to have this extended time with them at home. We certainly did not expect to spend so much time together in our house (ha), but we are enjoying it! While it was not perfect, overall, we are so thankful for the positive things that came out of it, like more time together.

Recently, our favorite family activity played the Blokus game while we were having dinner. Have you played it? I am generally not a big fan of board games … but even I am quite in love with this one! It’s simple but it has a lot of strategy to make it fun.

My husband, Jerry, spent a lot of time in our yard, mainly pruning trees and bushes, pulling weeds and watering. We don’t have a landscaper or a team to help us, but at least he has time to do it and enjoys being outside. And we all love spending time in our backyard! These days, it’s our only escape, in addition to walks in the neighborhood.

Life Lately + A Peek at Our Office

You might think that being at home all the time, we were bored after so many months here, but between managing our businesses, monitoring small projects around the house and family activities, we let’s find lots of things to keep us busy and get out of trouble haha!

Rearranging the furniture seems to be something that we have been doing continuously since we moved in, mainly because we continue to use our rooms in different ways. Life changes and so do our needs. This has been particularly true throughout this season.

When we first moved into this house, we created an office space on our lower level (remember we built a wall?). When Courtney moved in, we reorganized the lower level and moved most of our home office to this larger area! It makes sense that we all work together and develop a business to have this extra space.

It was not a priority for us to devote time or money to the design, so, apart from an Ikea storage unit (Pax cupboards with Bergsbo doors), we simply use what we had! It’s not entirely ideal, but it works for now. We have more plans for what we would like to do with this space, bigger ideas and smaller ones. But we are in no rush!

If you’ve been on the blog for a while or if you’ve got The Inspired Room, you might recognize some of these pieces that we’ve used in other areas of our homes! It feels inviting, comfortable and functional. And with so many people in the house, it’s nice to have room here to hide in a quiet place!

Life Lately + A Peek at Our Office

We had this big magnetic board in the hallway in front of my desk in our old house. It’s still my favorite! I have to see things visually to feel organized, so it works well for me. Here is a similar table!

Like we did in our old house, we also have our afternoon coffee space… you know… for coffee-related emergencies.

(This is the coffee maker we have here, and you can find more of our coffee making favorites here).

Life Lately + A Peek at Our Office

These white drawers are Alex’s drawers from Ikea. The shallow depth facilitates the organization of papers, works of art and supplies.

Life Lately + A Peek at Our Office

Of course, I was delighted to hang this special souvenir! My editors framed the cover of my first book, Love the Home You Have, as well as its announcement of the New York Times bestseller! While I’m still incredulous at having received such a great honor, seeing the cover on my wall is a nod to the mission that prompted me to start The Inspired Room blog thirteen years ago in July.

Starting The Inspired Room was not about becoming an influencer or an author, but rather an opportunity to help others love the house they have.

Life Lately + A Peek at Our Office

Jack and Lily love to hang out here too. It’s Jack’s favorite place in the office. He can’t resist a good beanbag. 🙂

Life Lately + A Peek at Our Office

How is it going with you right now?

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