Life Lately: Dogs, and More Dogs, and More Moving!

Life lately: dogs and more dogs and more movement!

Whave. Did I say something about becoming an empty breeder a year and a half ago? I did? Haha, well, surprise! All the furry kids and human kids have made it home here at some point in the past year! I was wondering what it would be like to be an empty breeder, but other than a few brief weeks it was a bit more chaotic than I expected! HAHAH! SIGH!

I am always happy that my children are coming home. Even the hairy. Family is so important to me. My son came back from the dorm when they sent the kids home last spring during his first year of college (thank you, RONA) and he decided to stay here because he goes to school near his home. and all of his classes are online anyway. Courtney moved into our basement apartment last year, then recently moved to her beloved apartment in a nearby town.

Did you know that my furry little baby Bella lived with us for her first few months of life because her parents were moving? Well, now she and her furry brother Leo and their mom and dad (my daughter Kylee and husband Lance) have moved here temporarily while they search for a home! They sold their Seattle townhouse and they are going to buy their first home! SO HAPPY for this new chapter in their life! It’s such an exciting time for them (and a little stressful because the housing market is crazy).

Life lately: dogs and more dogs and more movement!

Come back tomorrow and I’ll show you some of our basement / lower level spaces where they will stay while they are looking for a home! We are delighted to have them here and so happy to be able to offer them a home away from home while they look for a place to settle down. I can’t wait to see where they end up! By crossing your fingers, it’s nearby ;-).

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Life lately: dogs and more dogs and more movement!

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