Light Up a Dark Corner with a Wall Sconce (No Wiring Necessary!)

Light up a dark corner with a wall light (no wiring needed!)

We love this little nook in our living room! The built-in bench and bookcase are so lovely! But with no light source here, it was a bit sad, especially on a winter night.

Although our plan is (someday) to add wall sconces throughout the room, it was not in the plan right before Christmas. Luckily, we came up with a simple fix that would give us the warm feeling we wanted here right now, without immediately needing to wire it up. And when we have an electrician here to do some other work, we’ll ask him to go ahead and wire it up. this light then!

You might remember seeing this little rechargeable bulb trick used in our old house. We had purchased several additional sconces that we had not used in our old home before we moved, so we brought them here. This wall lamp fits perfectly in this place on the side of the bookcase. Looks like it was always meant to be! Cozy, warm light makes a HUGE difference in how a room feels (and how we feel in it). And even when the light is off, the whole space is more comfortable.

Light up a dark corner with a wall light (no wiring needed!)

Battery operated bulbs are a practical solution for a situation like this. (Click here for the bulbs I use). Because these are rechargeable bulbs, not battery operated, you don’t spend batteries like you would with a puck lamp. Also, these are warm toned bulbs and I often find the puck lights to be a cooler light. However, the downside with these is that you have to recharge the bulb. While this might sound like a nuisance, it’s not difficult at all. And I always try to make it easier for myself, so I bought two bulbs. This way I always load a new one so that it is ready to go.

A battery-powered bulb isn’t as easy as being able to flip a switch and turn on a light, but in the grand scheme of things I think it’s worth the extra effort to have a sconce where I need it. wanted it right away. If you can plug in your wall light now, so much the better! Warm lighting makes such a difference in a space, whether you use a lamp, a wired wall lamp, a battery-powered lamp or a real battery-powered candle, it will transform the room!

Light up a dark corner with a wall light (no wiring needed!)
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Light up a dark corner with a wall light (no wiring needed!)

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