Light up your nightstand with this $34 smart lamp

Light up your nightstand with this $34 smart lamp: Can you turn your bedside lamp on and off from across the room, or adjust its brightness and color temperature with just a tap? If not, it sounds like your lamp isn’t pulling its weight and you should replace it with a smarter, more attentive model. You know, like the Aukey Smart Table Lamp.

It’s a charming little bedside light that can also save you a few dollars. Right now you can save 22% when you buy the Aukey lamp on Amazon using promo code DK2SXWKZ. Usually $43, the code drops the price down to $34.39.

Light up your nightstand with this $34 smart lamp / Image by Aukey

This lamp connects to your Wi-Fi network and can be controlled via a smartphone app or voice commands to Google Assistant and Alexa. You can also control the lamp directly using its touch-sensitive top. You can control the brightness and color temperature — vary it from a warm 3,000K at bedtime to a cool 6,000K when you’re trying to concentrate and read or get work done at your laptop.

If you prefer to go a bit psychedelic, you can opt for the RGB mode and let the lamp display a rainbow of colors instead. The lamp can cycle through its 256-color palette or you can stop on any specific color you like.

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