Listing to Leasing – On Crafting a Fully Digital Rental Experience

Today we are announcing the launch of our digital lease signing tool – the latest part of our comprehensive suite of rental tools for landlords. These solutions, which include fast online rent payment, virtual tour options and text / email messaging, innovate the traditional rental process by being more intuitive and technological than ever.

But the most important aspect of this latest product is the experience it unlocks. Now, from posting the perfect rental ad to collecting rent payments, landlords can choose to use Zumper’s tools exclusively and 100% digitally. This marks an important step in our long-standing mission to make renting an apartment as easy as booking a hotel room.


In order to become the largest independent rental market, we’ve worked hard to provide intuitive and efficient tools for owners to advertise their properties and start receiving leads fast. When you advertise with Zumper, your ads are syndicated to our network, which includes some of the largest search platforms and social channels such as Bing and Facebook Marketplace.

Additionally, our product team’s dedication to the listing and search experience continues to pay off in the form of massive traffic growth and the top rated mobile app in Apple iOS and Google stores. Play for our category.

But we don’t just focus on the volume of lead traffic. We also focus on the quality of leads. Our announcements are intended to drive high intention tenants to rent with a focus on call generation, visit requests and online applications.

Choose the right tenant

Our team has always been driven by our vision of intuitive and innovative experiences that save owners time and protect their rental investment. Through our online screening and background check partnership with TransUnion, we’ve equipped landlords with comprehensive online tools to select the best tenants.

Virtual tour and messaging options

This year has given us even more reasons to offer owners virtual and contactless options, such as online tours and integrated messaging. Landlords can now offer video tours in their rental listings and can even communicate with tenants via SMS. These are all tools that give landlords the most effective ways to market their rental online, as well as the communication channels they need to safely and successfully choose the right tenant.

100% digital leasing

With our new digital lease signing tool, we’re showing that we want to help homeowners do more than just advertise their property. We also want to help them sign a lease with the right tenant quickly, easily and safely.

The latest addition comes from our partnership with DocuSign and allows users to create and customize a rental document for electronic signature. Using a rich text editor, users can easily make changes to Zumper’s lease template, which automatically fills in lease details entered by the user, or paste text from their own lease documents and use the tool. for online lease signing.

Rent collection

We believe a good rental collection solution should be faster than a paper check and bring all the ease and contactless convenience of digital tools like AutoPay and automated reminders. Since the introduction of our rent payment tool last year, we have continued to innovate in the rent payment space to accomplish these feats and more. This year, our partnership with CardConnect allows us to offer top speed that allows money to be deposited into your bank account the very next day and the ability to manage unique and personalized fees such as security deposits or deposits for pets.

And after

Even though we have built the latest foundational tool in the fully digital rental experience, we continue to innovate in addition to these tools and services. But we’re excited to finally announce this addition of digital lease signing and look forward to helping landlords complete the rental process from start to finish.

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