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Producer: Prazi

MSRP: $ 149

An oblique cut is a great joint for the construction of boxes and small suitcases. It creates a lot of surface for the glue and a tight mechanical fit, the two requirements of any good woodworking joint. However, there is a big drawback. Setting up a blocking gun in a router table is a problem. The GrooveCenter, from Prazi, makes the process much easier.

With a miter tip, one of the parts is routed horizontally, lying on the table, while the other is routed vertically, standing against the fence. To cut both parts you use the same fence and height settings. (You can’t cut one part, re-fit things, and trim the second part to fit.) Both fence and height settings need to be accurate to within a few thousandths of an inch. Usually, that precision requires a lot of trial and error cutting; the GrooveCenter resolves both settings much faster.

The GrooveCenter was initially designed to quickly position a milling table guide to cut grooves or mortises exactly in the middle of any material. It does this job quite well, but the Prazi guys also realized that their device, with the addition of a depth gauge, could also be used to quickly set up a blocking gun. You can see how the masks work by watching a video on the Prazi website. The GrooveCenter has an adjustable stop to fit all major brands of miter bits.

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