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In our new house we have a laundry room. There is no place for laundry to pile up. You can’t even put laundry on the washer and dryer because they’re stacked! We’ve added this slim storage rack on one side for our detergent and have some collapsible canvas laundry bins on the left side. That’s it.

So where do we put our laundry if we don’t have a laundry room?

We just do laundry every day (or as often as needed since we no longer have kids at home) and immediately fold it on our bed, which is right next to the linen closet.

Love your laundry routine

Folding laundry is Lily’s favorite time of day, if I’m not quick enough she rushes to make a nest with the warm towels. (Do your pets do it too?) We immediately hang clothes up so they don’t wrinkle and store folded items so they don’t pile up.

Is the laundry less overwhelming because we no longer have children at home? Sure! But the daily laundry habit is one I learned when we had three kids. I had a really hard time keeping up with the laundry. I just couldn’t understand! We had heaps everywhere! Piles of dirty clothes, piles of clean clothes in laundry baskets to put away, piles to iron, piles we had to re-wash because we left them on the floor and the dog slept in them. So many piles!

When our three children were young, I thought our basement laundry room was a blessing and a curse. It was wonderful for hiding batteries, we just tossed that dirty laundry straight into the laundry chute! Goodbye ! But with plenty of room to hide a mess out of my sight, the pile quickly multiplied into a mountain I didn’t have the energy to tackle. And I didn’t like going to the basement so I avoided it.

It turns out that the size of our laundry space or its location wasn’t the main problem with the growing laundry piles.

Love your laundry routine

When I discovered the power of routines and rhythms at home (and in life!), everything changed for me. Doing a bit of laundry every day wasn’t as hard as I thought, once I got the hang of it! Our house was tidier, my anxiety was less, and life felt so much less chaotic once I found daily routines that worked for me as a mom.

Daily routines have saved my sanity and transformed our home.

We have maintained our routines ever since. Routines are effective whether you have kids or not, a big house or a small house, or a laundry closet or laundry room! Adapt them to work for you and your needs, but each of these routines is important.

My daily cleaning routines are simple (on purpose!):

1. Diligence with the dishes.

2. A little love for laundry.

3. Bring the bed back to beauty.

4. Cleaning sprees.

Once you get into the rhythm of doing your dailies, you’ll find that you don’t want to go the day without doing them! They become part of your day, almost like breathing or eating! You do them without thinking about it. Routines make everything else work better, so you don’t want to go back to the chaos of life without them!

I call these daily routines “domino habits” because each sets the right trajectory for the day! And when you don’t do them, disorder and chaos multiply! Without a commitment to your dailies, the state of your home (and how you feel!) begins to deteriorate and your mind seems to be in a more frazzled state. Your home doesn’t have to be perfect (my goal is “clean enough”), but no one likes to feel tired.

Create a routine that suits your family and your season of life.

Love your laundry routine

I have shared the importance and various benefits and tips of having simple daily housekeeping routines in several of my books. If you want to read more of my thoughts on maintaining your home and cultivating a healthy mindset around it, I think you’ll enjoy these books!

Love your laundry routine

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Love your laundry routine

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