10 Low budget home décor ideas

Low budget home décor ideas: Most of the people strive to decorate their homes with luxurious and expensive decorating ideas such as floor to ceiling remodeling, sprinkle expensive decorating products and so on. If you really cannot afford those expensive products, then don’t worry and give up your decorating enthusiasm.

Low budget home décor ideas

You can still decorate your home on the low budget as well. Tips clear have exclusively brought you the best collection of low budget home décor ideas of 2017.

These low budget home décor ideas help you to decorate your room and make it look like a brand new home.

Now, let us get into the best low budget home décor ideas

10 Low Budget home décor ideas:

  1. Canvas your area:

To improve your home appearance, you can quickly make use of the canvas. Here all you have to do is hang printed canvases with the interior design paints. This will bring a new and refreshing look to your home.

Low budget home décor ideasApart from that, your walls will get an elegant appearance with the use of canvases. This is one of the best and low budget home décor idea, which is useful for all. You can quickly make use of this budget-friendly home décor design.

  1. Make a vintage bookcase

Do you have old peach crates in your house or your friend’s farm? If you have then, you can take advantage of them to create a bookcase for your home. This can bring a brand new appearance for your room along with that you can also store all you book in that case.

vintage bookcaseThese bookcases will simply bring a vintage appearance to your room. This is one of the great best budget-friendly home décor idea you can make use of in recent times.


Throw pillow covers

Are you keen to change the appearance of your room? Then you can ideally make use of the throw pillows in your home to bring a ravishing look. Usually, throw pillow covers give a beautiful and decent appearance to your room. So make use of some beautiful pillow covers to your sofa throw pillow.

Throw pillow coversThis is a budget-friendly idea because here you don’t need to change your sofa or bedsheet. Here you will just change throw pillow covers, which are reasonable way cheaper than other new sofa resources.

Decorate with Glassware:

If you want to impress your guest with decoration and don’t want to spend a lot of money on it? Then you can make use of this glassware idea. You can just mix some old and new glasses and arrange them on your shelves upside down. Along with the old and new glass, make sure to add some colored wine glasses.

Decorate with GlasswareThis can give a great a look to your shelves, and you can easily impress your guest with the decoration.

Hang plates on your walls:

I think I have used this idea in many articles, but still, I am using this just because this a low budget idea. You don’t really need to invest any money on this idea. In most of the cases, you can use your unused plates, or you can buy a few with a small amount.

Hang plates Plates in stunning colors will make your wall look different. Apart from that, this will give a dramatic and vintage appearance to your wall. For this process you don’t have to ruin your wall, you can attach wire plate hangers and hang all the plates on the pictures nails.

Light up jugs:

Take some empty jars and put some fashionable lights into those empty jars. This can bring a memorable appearance to your room. Whether it may be Christmas time or party time, you can quickly use this easy and low budget home décor idea to decorate your home. This light up jug can be used as out table lamp.

Creative lampshade:

To make your room decorative, you should think differently from others. So, add a creative lampshade to your dinner table. You can create your lampshade with the help of ribbon, glue and an eye chart.

You can choose some creative picture from online, and you can enlarge it and attach it to the fabric. To create a lampshade just take a box or bowl and keep a whole to it. After keeping a whole insert the bulb code, then from the opposite direction attach a bulb to the lamp code, and then cover the bowl or box with the print out you enlarged. That is it this is a creative lampshade, now this can give a new look to your room.

Bottle display:

Display bottles in windowsills to get a refreshing look for your home. Here you can use bottles, glass jars, or colored glasses and flower vases as well. Keeping those bottles in windowsills will get a fresh appearance to your house. This is one of best low budget home décor ideas, and you can use them in any situations.

Paint your door:

As you are searching for the affordable decorative ideas, this idea might help you to decorate your home. You can paint an unexpected color to your door and get a refreshing appearance for your home. This is a good old idea, which is followed by lots and many people. They mostly use this idea because this is affordable.

Hang a gallery of photos:

Focus on hanging a gallery of photos in your home. You can just pick some best pictures of your and arrange them in geometric arrangement to get a good appearance. In this case, you can make use of your birthday pictures, marriage, vacations, or family photos.

You can hang your gallery of pictures in a long line, or you can hang your photos on a tree. In either way, you can get a great look for your home. This is a useful home décor idea that’s the reason why I included this in low budget home décor ideas.


This is all about the low budget home décor ideas. I hope I have given my best in sorting out the budget-friendly home décor ideas. Now it is all up to you, which point you like most in this post? You can comment us below in comments section.

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