Lululemon Launches Mushroom Yoga Mats, Bags for the Eco-Conscious

Lululemon launches mushroom yoga mats and bags

Lululemon launches mushroom yoga mats and bags for the eco-conscious

Lululemon, an international sportswear company well-known for producing technical sportswear, created the first-ever yoga mat made from material to combat animal abuse and slaughter. Mylo is a skin-like material made of mycelium. Lululemon’s creative team created the world’s first mushroom-based yoga mat. Bolt Threads, a California-based biomaterials startup, presented the vegan product.

The accessories for yoga include a yoga mat, a yoga and meditation bag made entirely from vegan material. These accessories were made entirely from vegan material, according to the manufacturers. Created these products in the hope of raising awareness about animal abuse and encouraging people to switch to vegan products.

Lululemon launches mushroom yoga mats and bags
Lululemon launches mushroom yoga mats and bags

Bolt Threads

Bolt Threads created Mylo using the mycelium, which is derived from the roots of mushrooms. The company has partnered with top companies around the globe to pool its resources and provide services. In the hopes of creating a sustainable future, they have formed a consortium with sporting giants such as Adidas and apparel king Kering.

According to the manufacturers, vegan mats will provide the same texture and feel of any mat as the original and can be used as a replacement. It features 3D alignment patterns that give the mat a beautiful texture and complement the position of the feet and head while posing. Lululemon also offered yoga bags made from mycelium.

From Waste

Lululemon also has a new collection of sustainable dyes that are made from beetroot and reconditioned orange waste. The company also launched a new ecommerce program that allows customers to exchange their clothes. These will then be sent back for recycling. Customers will receive electronic gift cards in return. Although there is no confirmation of when the Mylo yoga mat will hit the floor. The bags will be available for purchase in early 2022.

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