Made for Living is Here!

The day has finally come, Amber’s very first design book, Designed for life is here! Filled with countless tips and tricks for creating timeless interiors, this book will help you design a home made to be lived in. If you’ve ever wondered how to get Amber’s style, this book is for you! We break down all the elements that make a home feel right at home into four separate chapters. The Amber style is built layer by layer; mix and match colors, patterns, textures and styles that make a space welcoming, livable and unique. Consider this your guide to creating the home you always wanted and read on for a rundown of what’s inside. Designed for life!

The power of color

From Amber’s favorite white paints to mastering colors in rich, saturated hues, you’ll learn to paint every time.

It’s all in the details

Creating beautiful bones in your home will make the little things add up: from hardware finishes, materials, tiles and more, the details will allow an entire room to come together.

Space and flow

Whether you’re building a home from scratch or refining your rental, creating a cohesive space with all the right aesthetics is key to a well-balanced home.

The art of styling

Mixing and layering patterns, textures, colors and styles is the secret to a unique and intricate home. From the artfully arranged shelving unit to the perfect pillow combos, the finishing touches make all the difference.

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