Magnetic-mount LED Work Light from Lee Valley

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Tool: Magnetic mount LED work light Buy now

Producer: Lee Valley

MSRP: $ 36.50

I have a perfectly good light for my workbench, on an accessory that slides into the dog’s holes. And it has a magnifying glass, which is becoming more and more useful. However: my bench is against a wall, so the articulated arm of the light limits how it can be positioned, there is an annoying cable and it uses a fluorescent bulb, which buzzes when it is on. Also, I tend to bang my head on the light with creepy regularity – so it’s been relegated to use only when I need magnification – or have a long need for lighting.

Instead, for many bench activities I am now using the “Magnetic Mount LED Work Light”, available from Lee Valley (# 15J77.01), which is powered by three AA batteries. With optional mounting plate ($ 3.50) e 34“Dog-hole post ($ 2.50), I can pin it anywhere on my bench I’ve drilled a hole for a dog or a holdfast.

The magnet at the base of the lamp makes it easy to extract it from the plate to use it also as a light for machines. Also, it comes with a handy side mounting clip (you can see it in the photo) that attaches to any ferrous surface via a rare earth magnet.

The 18 “flexible neck makes it easy to precisely position the (extremely bright) lighting, plus the housing on business end telescopes, allowing you to focus the beam in and out.

My only complaint is that, with continued use, the three sets of batteries I tested only lasted a few minutes over 5 hours on average, and my rechargeable batteries don’t fit (a problem mentioned in the product instructions). So if I’m planning a long dovetail session, for example, I go back to my plug-in spy (and do my best to place it out of my head).

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