How To Make Your Vitrified Tiles Long Lasting?

How To Make Your Vitrified Tiles Long Lasting?

Vitrified tiles are naturally durable and don’t ask for maintenance but that doesn’t mean you should pay zero attention. Over a period of time, they too ask for attention and bit of maintenance. Floor replacement is a lengthy process and I am pretty sure you are not looking for a type of floor that asks for it over certain years. You want a flooring to last long, in fact very long or let’s sum it up by saying forever. However, you have to put in indulge in some of the hard work to make that happen. Here are some of the teeny weeny tips that can assist you in making your floor last longer.

vitrified tiles
vitrified tiles

Cleaning vitrified tiles

There are no expensive materials needed for cleaning this tile flooring, the only thing to be taken care of is PH neutral cleaner. Regular cleaning with PH neutral cleaner will help in making the floor long-lasting. Also, stay steer clear of acid-based products or bleach-based products. These cleaning products can be considered for occasional use but the regular use of such products can damage the grout in between the files. Tiles which consist of a textured or rough surface, instead of using a mop, use of a doodlebug would be considered a more effective option. These are small little things taking care of which can make a huge impact.

Mistakes to avoid while cleaning vitrified tiles

Many unaware users themselves make some common mistakes that deteriorate the floor. They themselves are the enemies of their own floor unknowingly. So, to save you from being your own flooring destroyer, here are some of the common vitrified tiles cleaning mistakes to stay away from.

vitrified tiles
vitrified tiles
  • Excessive use of cleaning products is no good. People do that with the thought that more is better. Hell, no. Dilute the cleaning solution as per the suggested instruction, neither more nor less. Instructions are for a reason, don’t act smart or you will screw up your own flooring.
  • Another common mistake homeowners make while cleaning is not changing the cleaning solution or water frequently. Don’t be that lazy, keep changing and clean your floor with clean water and not the dirty one to make your floor even dirtier.
  • Another prevalent mistake is picking up the wrong cleaning product. Such an uninformed decision can lead to a big loss. Always make some research which cleaning solution is suitable for your vitrified floors and which will lead to damage. Excessive harsh chemical or abrasive cleaner should be avoided to make your floor tiles long without maintenance.
  • Where we discussed that frequently cleaning the water is essential, also excessive use of water is harmful. Too much water on the floor surface or flooding the area is not going to help in cleaning. Sometimes damp mop is all your floor needs.
  • Improve rinsing for getting rid of chemical residue or cleaner residue is also dangerous for your floor. Make sure you rinse it right.

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