Make Your Bed with Patterned Sheets + Shams

Make your bed with patterned sheets + pillow shams

I’m a big fan of making my bed every day. You’ve heard me talk about this daily habit a lot in all my books and in many blog posts over the years. It’s a habit that makes a big difference in our daily lives! So on that note, I’m really enjoying my newly refreshed bedroom. All month for A Lovely January, I focused my energy on making our new bedroom look like residence ours. We are thrilled with how these few simple changes have transformed how we feel about our bedroom.

As we approach the end of January, I wanted to share another recent update we made to our bedroom – I purchased these darling patterned heart sheets! Making my bed is a daily pleasure! WHY NOT have a little fun with the details of a room? Patterned sheets are a nice surprise when you pull back the covers every night, and every morning they might inspire you to make your bed. I love seeing the pattern appear.

Now I will say that I have also always loved soft white sheets, they go with everything and when that’s all you have, you have less to put away! So I like the simplicity of that. I’ve been through many seasons of life where we had a set of pillow shams and a set of white sheets were almost all we used (by choice) on our own bed. It was a way that I reduced and simplified. If this mindset brings you joy right now, embrace it. Do what makes you happy in your space!

When our kids were home, I always bought them patterned sheets (or whatever color) they liked. It was easy to update the look of their bedroom as they grew or their tastes or trends changed, without investing in trendy comforters or other décor they might not like. long term love. It was also a fun seasonal ritual to switch to patterned flannel sheets in the winter and a cotton sheet set they loved for the summer.

Now that our kids are grown and we’re officially empty nests, I’ve decided I’m going to have some fun with patterned sheets for our own bed! I don’t have a lot of room for laundry in this house (we don’t have a built-in linen closet!) BUT I’m determined to make room for what I love (get it? Make some place for what you love is the name of a book I wrote ha!) By the way, if you haven’t read Make Room for What You Love, you can grab a copy here, and while you order, you might want to add my new book A Lovely Life to pre-order, they won’t change you until it ships!).

Make your bed with patterned sheets + pillow shams

I choose to make room for what I love in my room this month because little things like this bring me joy! Mixing and matching my heart sheets with my striped pillow shams and other bedding is another way to make my bedroom feel like mine (well, OUR!). It makes the room happy and it makes ME happy too.

Besides our rattan daybed in my office space (which I also buy patterned sheets for!), ours is currently the only bed and bedroom I have in our new (smaller) home! So with a smaller space and fewer pieces, I’ll focus more creative energy on the seasonal changes in our room by mixing and matching patterned sheets with comforters and shams.

I can share more about this another time, but I made room for extra sets of sheets and shams right in our bedroom dresser as well as in lidded baskets, so my options for mixing and of assortment will be practical.

Here are some of the patterned sheets and shams I’ve purchased for our bed or daybed over the past year (and some that I think are fun too!) I can’t wait to share more looks to mix and match for the bed in the coming year!

Make your bed with patterned sheets + pillow shams

Sources above:

Heart Leaves /// Green Tree Leaves /// Miniature Star Print Leaves /// Yellow Mini Flower Leaves /// Wildflower Botanical Leaves /// Light Blue Stripe Leaves /// Leaves white and blue polka dots (many pattern options) /// Polka Dot Sheets /// Deer and Tree Holiday Flannel Sheets /// Woodland Animal Sheets /// Striped Blue Flannel Sheets (Multiple Colors) /// Orange Diamond Sheets /// Gray and White Striped Sheets /// Pink and Orange Floral Leaves /// Purple Blue Green Floral Leaves

Scroll and click below for more patterned sheets:

Make your bed with patterned sheets + pillow shams

Did you enjoy working on a room in your house for A Lovely January? It was so fun to see so many of you posting in our free community group, I hope you’ll come and share your progress there or tag me on social media @theinspiredroom so I can see.

Make your bed with patterned sheets + pillow shams

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If you missed my post on my most recent room upgrades, you can find it HERE.


My heart leaves are HERE.
My blue striped flannel Euro Shams (also available in different sizes) are HERE.
My tassel pillow is HERE.
My fringe blanket is HERE.
My wall sconces are HERE.
My caned bed is HERE.
My library is an old one with a paint makeover, you can read about it HERE (the same in my office there are two houses, shared here).
The paint color is Benjamin Moore Bunny Grey.
Find the rest of the chamber and sources HERE.
Find more of my home decor sources and FAQs in my shop HERE.

I really appreciated having a “focus” piece for this month with “A Lovely January”! For February, I decided to continue with a focus because it has been so beneficial for my general state of mind and for my house! But I’m excited for the next month because while I’m going to continue to focus on improving my home, I’m also going to focus on improving my daily routines.

I’ll share how I’m creating a better life at home with what I call “Romantic Routines”! I talk about it a bit in my new book A Lovely Life, so it will be fun to discuss what it means and how I am using this concept to improve my life next month. I can’t wait to romanticize my own routines at home in February too!

Will you join me in romanticizing your routines at home in February too?

You can pre-order A Lovely Life to be the first to get it when it’s released in May (you’re not charged until it ships, but it really helps authors if you pre-order). -order, so thank you in advance for your order!).

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