Mellanni Flannel Cotton Sheet Set Review

We purchased the Mellanni Flannel Cotton Sheet Set so our expert reviewer could put them to the test on her bed. Keep reading for our full product review.

Mellanni Fine Linens is dedicated to making soft and comfortable bedding that doesn’t break the bank. We recently tested the company’s Mellanni Flannel Cotton Sheet Set, which is made of 100 percent cotton and said to be perfect for sleepers who tend to get chilly. We basically lived in the sheets, putting them through many cold nights—as well as multiple wash and dry cycles—to evaluate their comfortability, texture, warmth, breathability, and price. Did these flannel sheets actually hold up to their mission statement? Keep reading to find out.

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Material and Texture: Moderately soft cotton

The fact that these sheets are made of 100 percent cotton was our first clue that they’d be comfortable and soft. In both aspects, these sheets delivered. The fuzzy feel of flannel sheets typically comes from the napping effect of the weave. Upon opening, these sheets felt slightly lightweight but very soft to the touch, although that changed to moderately soft after washing. Regardless, we found them pretty comfy. 

Since we crawled into bed that first night, they have helped us maintain a comfortable temperature while still giving us air to breathe. Plus, they don’t irritate our skin at all.

The site doesn’t state what kind of cotton is used to make this set, but we suspect that they may be made from a cheaper fabric just based on the price point, weight, and post-wash texture.

Weight: Somewhat light but still warm

Instead of a thread count, the strength and softness of flannel sheets is based on weight. Anything at or above 170 GSM (grams per square meter) or at least five ounces indicates warmth and durability. At 170 GSM, the Mellanni flannel sheets are on the low end of the spectrum, and sure enough, they feel somewhat thin compared to other flannel sheets.

Despite being lightweight, these sheets are warm. Since we crawled into bed that first night, they have helped us maintain a comfortable temperature while still giving us air to breathe. Plus, they don’t irritate our skin at all.

The Spruce / Cheyenne Elwell

Washing: Rougher texture and some shedding and pilling

We did as recommended and cleaned these sheets before use. After washing with the suggested settings (machine-wash warm and tumble dry low), we noticed that they didn’t wrinkle much as long as we took them straight out of the dryer once the cycle was finished.

While Mellanni’s website says that the sheets are supposed to get softer with every wash, we didn’t find this to be true. To us, they felt slightly rougher after a spin in the washer and dryer, albeit still moderately soft.

These sheets did shed a decent amount of lint in the lint screen, and there was some pilling present post-cycle. It isn’t noticeable to the point that we’re picking at it constantly, but it did rub off onto our comforter and additional bed blankets. 

To us, they felt slightly rougher after a spin in the washer and dryer, albeit still sturdy and moderately soft.

Color: Limited selection

This set comes in a variety of colors (such as white, sage, burgundy, and beige) and patterns (including snowflakes and plaid). But since some shades are sold out (and since we’re obsessed with finding perfectly coordinated colors), there weren’t as many options as we would’ve liked.

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Helpful Features: Deep fit with satisfaction guaranteed

There are a few extra features that make this set longer-lasting: The fitted sheet is equipped with elastic all around, ensuring it stays in place even with some shrinkage. The sheets also fit oversized mattresses up to 16 inches deep or beds with mattress toppers, so if you upgrade your mattress, you won’t have to buy new sheets. And finally, they have a “100% Satisfaction, No-Questions-Asked Guarantee”—if the sheets aren’t what you are looking for, Mellanni will give you a full refund.

Price: Great value

These sheets give you a great return for the low price. An average flannel sheet set retails for upwards of $60, and the Mellanni set starts at $37 for some twin-size selections. For 100 percent cotton sheets that deliver on comfortability, warmth, and breathability, we think this is a reasonable price.

The Spruce / Cheyenne Elwell

Competition: Different Textures

Mellanni Flannel Cotton Sheet Set vs. Pinzon 190-Gram Heavyweight Velvet Flannel Sheets: Pinzon by Amazon is a luxurious bedding and bath brand which has begun to build a loyal client base. It, too, offers a flannel sheet set made from 100 percent cotton. We tested both sets and found they were both successful in achieving warmth, softness, and breathability. Pinzon’s set, however, offers a more plush bedding experience and costs slightly more, usually retailing around $70.

The Pinzon set uses combed cotton, resulting in a softer and smoother feel. It’s also slightly heavier, at 190 GSM versus Mellanni’s 170 GSM. 

In the end, it comes down to personal preference. The affordable, functional choice is Mellanni, hands down. But if you want a more luxurious bedding experience, we think it’s worth splurging for Pinzon’s sheets.

Mellanni Flannel Cotton Sheet Set vs. The Company Store Legacy Velvet Flannel Set: The Company Store is committed to providing its customers with their dream bedding experience. The store’s flannel sheet set is similar to Mellanni’s in that it delivers on breathability and is made from 100 percent cotton.

Mellanni’s set costs significantly less than The Company Store’s flannel bedding, which is sold à la carte (a twin-size flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases total around $148), but it comes with a few luxury features that make it worthwhile. The Legacy flannel sheet set is made from thicker cotton that has been brushed on both sides, giving it a velvety smooth, high-quality feel.

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Final Verdict

They’re worth a shot

If you’re in the market for new flannel bedding at an affordable price, try out these sheets. They’re a bit thinner than other flannel sets, and we did notice some shedding and pilling after washing, but they still kept us warm and comfortable. Plus, Mellanni will give you a full refund if you’re less than pleased, offering you more security in your decision.

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