Metabo HPT Cordless Vacuum Contender

Metabo HPT Cordless Vacuum Contender

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Metabo HPT Cordless Vacuum Contender

Tool: 36V MultiVolt dry / dry pods

Producer: Metabo HPT

MSRP: $ 499 (naked instrument)

While replacing old and worn out tools, I made it my goal to find a cordless equivalent. Their convenience cannot be overstated, especially since they often outperform their counterparts with wire. I had used and seen several cordless vacuum cleaners but had never been hit. Most of them exceed or exceed 80cfm (with some advertisements under 40!) And cannot replace any of my wired vacs. As he spoke to my local Metabo HPT representative, he mentioned a new 124cc cordless cordless vacuum cleaner that would soon hit the shelves and asked me if I would be interested in testing one for him. He assured me that this vac would exceed what I had seen, so I accepted.

After unzipping the void, one thing that immediately struck me was the elegant design. Its low profile “pod” style is accompanied by sliding wheels and simple controls. The telescopic wand is well made and easy to use without slipping once locked. A notch on one side of the vacuum accepts a hook on the zoom tube for storng when not in use. The floor accessory does an excellent job on both hard surfaces and carpeting. There is an air damper on the floor attachment that you will want to open for hard surfaces since this vacuum cleaner has the power to suck it onto the floor. Currently, a rear mounted tool tray is sold separately as an optional accessory. I hope Metabo HPT will include it in the future, as it improves the convenience of transporting the unit.

The filter included is a type of class L cage that should not be removed when using the vacuum in water. Metabo HPT noted in their manual, however, that prolonged use of the filter included with water can cause a loss of suction and we recommend purchasing the nylon filter for water use. Paper bag filters with lower micron values ​​will also be available.

The vacuum had no problems removing the debris from my workshop, the carpet in a client’s house and the water from the buckets I used for testing. I found that its suction was also adequate enough to hook onto my miter saw, although without HEPA filtration, fine dust is no doubt going through. On more than one occasion it was a real lifesaver when there were no extra outlets available and I needed to plan the back of a closet or a door with my battery operated planer. It managed to contain all the visible dust that my plane could throw at it, which meant less cleaning along the way.

Although it contains two batteries, the vacuum cleaner is designed to be used one at a time and is capable of operating with only one battery installed or the adapter sold separately. Regardless of whether batteries or adapter are used, the maximum operating limit at the top is billed at 14 minutes. Even if it’s attached to the wall, the adapter overheats and goes into fan mode for 14 minutes. The following table shows the execution time and specifications. If you look at the first column you will see an execution time of 75 minutes at 57 CFM. It is more than enough time for most sanding operations that require a lower CFM. And, if you think about how you use the vacuum cleaner most of the time (short bursts of a couple of minutes), this unit can be used for most of the day with two batteries.

So if you’re on the market for a powerful, compact vacuum cleaner where you shouldn’t worry about cables or worry about electrical availability, Metabo HPT has proven to be a tool worth looking into.

Metabo HPT Cordless Vacuum Contender

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