Modsy Interior Design Review – The Pros, Cons, and Cost of Modsy

Modsy Interior Design Review: Chances are, you’re having trouble figuring out how to decorate one of your rooms or completely re-imagine your home. If you’re not able to hire a professional to do the work in person, an online interior design service, like Modsy, might be the way to go.

Modsy Interior Design Review
Modsy Interior Design Review

How Modsy works:

Modsy’s main selling point is that it offers realistic 3D renderings to help you imagine a redesigned look filled with furniture and home accessories. To start, you upload photos and measurements of your space. You will then complete the Modsy Style Quiz to share details about your aesthetics, your existing furniture and your budget. Depending on your answers, the designers of Modsy will offer you two concepts of 3D design of your space.

In addition to including suggested layouts, 3D renderings will include recommendations for furniture and fixtures from the best retailers. Once you have reviewed the designs, you can communicate the desired changes to the Modsy designer or manage them yourself via the platform’s 3D style editor. Finally, to complete the project, you will buy directly from the design plans of more than 100 retailers such as Crate & Barrel, Wayfair, Interior Define and Joybird.

How much does Modsy cost?

Prices start from $ 89 per room for the Classic package, which includes a 3D rendering of your space, two initial design concepts and advice on two revised plans. The top package, called Luxe, comes with everything from access to a top designer by phone, email or text, to suggestions for painting and window treatments. (See other Modsy packages here.)

Modsy customer reviews:

The Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab invited real Modsy users to share their experience with the service, the challenges they encountered, and whether they were going to use it again. Here are the comments they provided:


  • “The technical aspect was very cool. I liked being able to see a floor plan true to size so that I know how everything is going.”
  • … Modsy offers free delivery if you order through them, which ends up being cheaper than buying directly from the retailer’s site. They also always apply the current discounts on the site of the main retailer to your Modsy order before debiting your credit card. “
  • “It gives you a chance to see a full space before you start buying products.”
  • “The design submission was quite easy. They require a lot of photos to build the space, so I had to go back to visit the apartment because I hadn’t moved in yet but the style quiz and the creation of the project were was pretty quick. Because of the package I selected, I received my first set of designs in a few days. “
  • The 3D renderings were quite impressive and the ability to play with the space myself. Since I was not yet living in the apartment, it was nice to see what it might look like furnished. ”
    children's room by Modsy
    A nursery designed by Modsy. Courtesy of Modsy

The inconvenience

  • “I didn’t think the designs matched my style as much as I would have liked, and they didn’t meet my budget. I also didn’t like how I couldn’t communicate easily with the designer.”
  • “Some limitations on the items/retailers they can put in your creations.”
  • “I was mostly dissatisfied with the furniture selected. I told the designer that it was okay to stretch the budget slightly. But the items selected were well above my budget. During a redesign, I specifically asked that she keep the dresser inside a budget. And while she did, it was a small dresser (I had requested a large dresser and there were many large dressers available that were in my budget). “
  • “They do not have my style at all. Did not include the specific things that were requested (shelves, full-length mirror). Total ignorance of the budget. Does not seem to offer the inventory available in the stores I liked ( for example, there was a CB2 chair I thought was in stock on the store’s website but not available via Modsy), so I thought I would actually have more options when buying parts myself even rather than through their catalog. “

Keep this in mind:

Just about any design department will have its own set of positives and negatives. If you are on a limited budget and intend to have an open mind throughout the design process? Maintain clear communication with your designer, Modsy is worth considering.

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