Mr. Kate Answers Highly Debatable Design Questions

The husband-and-wife team behind Mr. Kate believe everyone’s home should have a touch of “weird creative”. At least, that’s what they tell their interior design clients, which include popular YouTubers like Liza Koshy, LaurDIY and the Labrant family.

Over the years, they’ve shared everything from easy home crafts (remember the palm leaf art made from pool noodles?) To complete house makeovers. Their philosophy of interior design remains unchanged: “Interior decoration should be useful for your lifestyle”, they say Good Housekeeping. Maybe that means switching to an open floor plan once you’ve got kids, or opting for peel-and-stick wallpaper if you live in a rental.

In the video above, Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr tackle this or that question, whether wallpaper is better than minimalism as opposed to maximalism paint. Spoiler alert: They say minimalism is the way to go, but still think it’s possible to fill your space with things you love without making it look cluttered: “Be maximalist on your walls, not your floors or your counters. Make gallery walls, or a cool and fun sculptural installation. “That way,” it can’t move on your floors or cover your counters. “

Check out the video above for more of Mr. Kate’s answers and take a look at their highly anticipated furniture line.

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