My Morning Rituals + Five Morning Gadgets I Can’t Live Without

My morning rituals + five morning gadgets I can't live without

I have some morning rituals and gadgets that help me start my day. Besides making life easier, they have something else in common. They involve all the senses!

I always start my day by adding fresh water to my water bottle. Do you drink water in the morning? This is so important! I drink water all day, actually. We have both a fridge filter and a berkey, we use filtered water for health so our water tastes amazing. I often use the Berkey for my drinking water because I don’t really like cold water (but if it’s really cold water it will wake you up!). I love our Berkey, you can find it here.

Then I fill my diffusers with happy or uplifting scents. I can’t imagine spending a day without oils! The oils have a healthy impact on my mood and emotions, and they make all of my daily tasks more enjoyable.

You can find the oils and diffusers that I use daily and recommend here. I have diffusers in every room of the house! You can read my health story here which is why we switched to toxin free products and use oils for so many daily needs!

My morning rituals + five morning gadgets I can't live without

Then I turn on some inspiring music to start the day on a positive note. I play songs from my playlists on Spotify or Amazon Music all over our house!

You can find the music players we use and some of my playlists here!

My morning rituals + five morning gadgets I can't live without

Once I have had my morning water and walked around the house for a bit, I’m ready for coffee. I grind my own fresh coffee beans in an electric burr grinder so I can brew the most delicious cup! I have a favorite espresso which is a stovetop variety, it’s affordable, super easy to use, and makes delicious coffee! I heat my oat milk with my foamer to make it thick and delicious. Making coffee is one of my favorite rituals of the day.

You can find my coffee gadgets and related recommendations here.

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What are your morning rituals and what gadgets do you use to make them more enjoyable?

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