My Three Energizing Routines for Beating an Afternoon Slump

DDoes your energy dip in the afternoon? Mine does of course! As a creative entrepreneur who has worked from home for the past fifteen years, I have had to establish daily routines that keep me focused, energized, and productive throughout the day. My energy level drops in the afternoon, especially in winter. When it’s dark or cold outside, curling up by the fireplace or getting up in bed in the afternoon is tempting! But I have found that having a healthy, energizing afternoon routine really helps.

Here are three things I do (and things I don’t!) To save my energy for the afternoon:

My three energizing routines to beat an afternoon crisis


Since I work from home, there are days when I could easily sit and work all day without ever getting up. It’s not good for my health or my energy! If there’s a day when I’m not going to move a lot, going for a short walk after lunch is a great mental health break as well as a physical activity! I always come back in a better mood and ready to tackle the second half of my day. If the weather doesn’t encourage me to go out, I’ll take a walk around the house instead. It might not be enough exercise for the day, but it’s definitely the break I need to re-energize my energy and mind so I can keep going.

I wrote a book called Dwelling which talks about the importance and benefits of taking care of yourself and having a healthy home and routine. There is also an accompanying (undated) journal titled Dwelling Well which would be a perfect way to start the New Year!


The other day I spoke about my love for my morning coffee ritual, but I only have one cup a day. I don’t have coffee in the afternoon and I don’t keep refilling the coffee all day to keep me going! I would feel bad if I did this! But when I need some energy for the afternoon, I look for other options.

Here are two of my favorite healthy snacks:

My three energizing routines to beat an afternoon crisis

NingXia Red

NingXia is a daily antioxidant drink that gives me daily energy and keeps me healthy. I only drink one to two ounces each afternoon, so a bottle or box of sachets lasts a long time. It’s so good (like fruit, it’s made from NingXia goji berries!) And I also attribute it to my better and better health!

I buy both the sachets and the bottles, the sachets are really convenient for commuting or traveling. You can get them HERE with my reference (my reference number is 3731456 if you invite you to add it) and I can send you some delicious recipes for NingXia as well!

My three energizing routines to beat an afternoon crisis

Verb bars

My favorite snacks are called Verb Bars! You can get a starter kit with my sponsorship HERE for just $ 10 right now, and they’ll give you three free bars! These are delicious little natural energy bars (with as much caffeine as a shot of espresso derived from organic green tea) that are made with all natural ingredients and they are gluten free, dairy free, vegan. They don’t make me nervous or too full, and they taste so good. They come in so many delicious flavors! I only need one bar and I’m ready to get back to work! I also keep these bars in my purse so I have a healthy snack on the go, and I even have them for breakfast sometimes!

My three energizing routines to beat an afternoon crisis

There’s a deal right now where you pick a 12 pack of whatever flavor you choose and then they’ll add 3 bars of their most popular flavors to try!

(The starter pack usually costs $ 25, so CLICK HERE to try it out today for just $ 10!). I love all the flavors I have tried. Lately my favorites are the chocolate banana bread or the vanilla latte!

I talk about staying healthy and having wellness routines on our Instagram Dwell Well Collective and in my book Lodging! Follow the stories for ideas for a healthier lifestyle, sleep, hormones, and more!

My three energizing routines to beat an afternoon crisis


It can be tempting to browse social media for distraction or inspiration before “going back to work”, but it backfires and drains me of my energy! If I’m interested in catching up on social media, I remember I can do it AFTER I finish my afternoon chores. Right after my brisk walk, I immediately need to harness that energy to focus on one to three important work tasks and cross them off my list. Once I do that I can do a quick scroll to see what everyone is doing before unplugging for the evening.

I have written a lot about harnessing energy and daily routines that help me stay focused and productive with housework and other daily chores in my book Make Room For What You Love.

Hope you are starting the New Year in a productive and healthy way!

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