Naniwa Sink Bridge for Sharpening Stones

Naniwa Sink Bridge for Sharpening Stones

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Naniwa Sink Bridge for Sharpening Stones

Tool: Sink deck

Producer: Naniwa

MSRP: $ 65

The Naniwa stainless steel sink bridge is not a new product, but it is a welcome new addition to my home store. I haven’t (yet) set up a dedicated sharpening area, so until I can, I’m resorting to the sink. The problem is that that sink is deep enough without a flat area around it (or a place to put it) on which to lay the stones for a sharpening session.

This sturdy bridge solves the problem. It adapts to fit any sink with straight edge of 15 3/4“A 22” and maintains a firm grip on the edges of my plastic sink as I sharpen (the only problem is the thin-walled sink – it flexes slightly if I become overzealous). The bridge tightens stones from 8 ″ to 9 7/8“Long (with a 3 7/8“On the entire support surface) with a fixed stop on one end and an adjustable stop on the other. But it’s slow enough that I can easily lift the stones to flatten them.

The bridge is available in three pieces but it is intuitive to put out of the box (good thing, because the indications are only in Japanese).

The bridge is easy to remove from its working position and put aside (or put back in the box) if you had to, for example, clean a brush in the sink, but generally I only leave it in place.

The nice thing is that I no longer need to keep a spray bottle handy; I can only turn on the water in a thin stream to wet the stones.

And in case you are curious, at home I use Shapton’s # 1,000, # 4,000 and # 8,000 “Professional Series” ceramic water stones, which I flatten after each use with a DMT “Extra Extra coarse” lapping plate.

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