“Natural, Not Plastic” Paint from Edward Bulmer in Herefordshire

The self-proclaimed decorator, historian and “Colorman” Edward Bulmer’s mission is to bring natural paint from sustainable sources. “We mix our paints simply by using the twelve natural earth and mineral pigments used by artists for centuries.” he says. “Packed with pigments, our paint offers a living patina of pure color and because they all come from the same natural sources, they are all in perfect harmony with each other. Our paint is microporous, which means that it let the walls and woodwork breathe naturally. ”

Here is an overview:

Above: Bulmer runs his business from his Queen Anne home in Herefordshire, which he shares with his wife and three daughters whom he has spent 20 years restoring, transforming an old cattle shed into a workshop.
Above: “Our paint is microporous, which means it lets walls and woodwork breathe naturally. It does not form a plastic film which traps moisture and mold. ”
Above: A sample of Emu Nymph Thigh, a “dusty rose with enough shade earth to avoid being too girly”.
Above: Color cards and jar samples are available.

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