New Minted Art in Kylee’s Entry (+ a 20% off code!)

New Minted Art in Kylee’s Entry (+ a 20% off code!)

Kylee is here today to continue with my entry updates and wanted to share this new art I got from Minted! Adding a little color through art was high on our priority list to make this space warm and inviting. This is not my first Minted art, I used them in my old home when we were creating our gallery wall so I was so excited to have the opportunity to use them again here in my new home. It’s such a convenient way to buy artwork from artists around the world!


New art hit in Kylee's entryway (+ a 20% discount code!)My favorite part of buying art through Minted is their ‘view in my room’ feature! I’m such a visual person and really seeing what something is going to look like helps me a lot. With the click of a button, you can use the mobile AR tool to view the art on your walls. Try it out by clicking on “Show in my room” located directly below any artwork you want to preview, then scan the QR code on your phone and see the art in your space virtually. My husband and I browsed the site together, picked our favorites, and then ‘tried them on’ in space so we could visualize what each one would look like in the room, which helped us feel confident in the one we have. selected.
New art hit in Kylee's entryway (+ a 20% discount code!)

We chose this piece called Morning Mist by Lorent and Leif. We loved its subtle and slightly whimsical side and the colors really spoke to us! The size we have in this space is 40 × 30 and it is in the matte brass frame. We chose UV-plexi glass to minimize glare as it receives direct light.

We also had this beautiful scene, Broken Clouds by Stephanie Goos Johnson to lean on our new entryway cabinet! It’s in their walnut frame.

Minted generously gave The Inspired Room readers a 20% discount code on framed art + free shipping!

Just use the code INSPIRE BEDROOM FRAMES at the register.