New Project: A Simple DIY Bathroom Makeover

New project: a simple bathroom renovation

II am ready to make some improvements to our house! I have so many plans and ideas in mind, but today, let’s talk about one of our bathroom projects. We have two bathrooms in our house, both of which are in need of renovation. You may remember that I shared my vintage mint and pink master bathroom. I have thought of so many ideas to update this bathroom, it makes my head spin.

Sometimes I want to do a mini makeover on it, sometimes I want to demonstrate it all and start over, sometimes I want to add a new powder bathroom to our main floor and leave my vintage bathroom as it is, sometimes I want to reorganize all of my layout on the ground floor (ha, believe me, sometimes it makes the most sense!). The pink and mint bathroom is the one that looks decent in the first photos we took when we moved in, but it is falling apart more and more every day.

I just want to make the right choice. Covid threw me for a loop, maybe that threw you for one too. What’s going to happen? Should we stop all the plans? Should we move? Should we be hiding here and keep making this house exactly what we want it to be?

Do you think a lot? 😉 Perhaps!

But that’s how I ride. I really enjoy taking my time to make the best decisions for my home and my family.

With the current season in which we are, it seems prudent to wait for the start of any major project. But I really want to move forward on new projects in our house, so I think I have found a good plan to get things done!

For now, we are really delighted to start a DIY makeover for our bathroom in the basement!

The space is dated and boring, but in general, it’s in good shape, which means that simple changes like paint, new lighting, mirrors, faucets, and accessories will make a big difference in how it looks.

If you saw my article recently with a look at our basement, this is the bathroom on this floor. It is currently my daughter Courtney’s bathroom while she lives here, but it also serves as the bathroom for our guests. Once we finish this makeover, we will have a nice bathroom to use when we do the work upstairs, so it’s also a victory!

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing a simple bathroom DIY and makeover inspiration, as well as our mood board and plans for that bathroom. Of course, we will share the makeover process here on the blog and on Instagram stories!

By the way, I used my Instagram stories a lot more recently to share the everyday, behind the scenes and in the present. It’s fun chatting with my best friends “face to face”, so I would love to see you there too! I’m actually going to take a little step-by-step tour of Instagram stories this week to show you the bathroom in its current state.

Have you recently had a makeover in your bathroom? It’s been a while since I last updated a bathroom, so I’m happy to start!

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