Newborn Essentials: 0-3 Months

Newborn Essentials: An extensive list of all the things we used and relied on often during Orion’s first three months of life! I know that I called this article “essentials” but much of this could be described more appropriately by the terms “nice things to own” or “to simplify life for your parents” or “things we relied on and how they worked for us as well as the things that didn’t.” The main objective with this list is to be thorough, not to suggest that you must possess everything.

The most important things for a baby are sleep, food comfort, love, and food and everything else that which is a matter of preference, for both you and your baby. It cannot be stated enough about the fact that all moms and babies are unique, and what works for one person may not be a good fit for you.

As a first-time mom, I tried lots of things that I needed to, and therefore there’s a lot I’ll cover in this article. This post is an instruction and not a book of rules. If you’re preparing for your soon to be baby or putting together your registry here are some of the suggestions that have worked for us.


Pampers SwaddlersWe’ve mainly tested these as well as the Pampers Pure Diapers so far and while switching from one to the other between them, I noticed that leaks and accidents were more frequent when using the Pure. It could be a accidental, but we’ve stuck only the Swaddlers and they’re perfectly for us.

Water Wipes

They aren’t irritating to baby’s skin. There are no complaints.

Ubbi Wipes Dispenser

I chose this dispenser over the OXO dispenser because it has a less footprint. It is ideal for single-handed dispensing, and is attractive on the dresser for the nursery. These Water Wipes packs fit perfectly inside this cabinet.

Boudreaux Diaper Cream

A friend of mine suggested this product to stop diaper rash, saying that this was the sole solution which worked on her baby. To date, Orion has not had any diaper rash. is it because of the cream is something I’m not sure without certainty, however I’m continuing to apply it to him around every diaper change, and so far it’s been working. It being in a squeeze-able tube is also very useful.

Baby Bum Brush

It was odd until I tried it, and then it became total sense. Naturally, I do not want to clean off my diaper cream off my nails and fingers all day , and this is brilliant! The paddle can apply the cream much more quickly and effectively than my fingers could ever do.

Keekaroo changing Pad

The biggest benefit is that it’s washable and has proven to be a great convenience, however for the first few months Orion was a bit irritated by how cold it was on his back. He would cry. As he gets older, is able to handle it however for a time we were spreading towels on top of it, which negates the purpose of the wipeable pad. He was still at ease with it and was enjoying some tummy time prior to rolling over. issue.

Bubula Diaper Pail

It is very convenient to utilize regular trash bags in this manner and it also contains stinky diapers.

Newborn Essentials
Newborn Essentials


Halo Bassinest

I borrowed this from a friend and was impressed by the greater height and swinging function, so I could not leave my bed at the end in the evening to check Orion. It was a bit bulky and had a large footprint, but it was important for its swiveling functionality. I’m so thankful we didn’t buy bassinets since Orion was able to move into his crib nursery at the age of 2 months old. I’m sure any bassinet could have worked just perfectly.

Rohm Portable Sound Machine

We used it every all day long for napping and to napping in his bassinet car seat, nursery or any other place we were. The portability is fantastic! It eventually became a cue to sleep for Orion and a key tool to help him to sleep better.

Nanit Plus Monitor System

I love this monitor. Wasn’t certain if I’d need one that I’d need to access my phone for but I quickly realized that there’s no additional monitor that I need to carry around along with me. Plus, the fact that both Oleg and I can see the monitor through both of our phones.

I purchased the bundle that comes with the multi-stand to ensure we could mount it using a tripod to his bassinet that we have in our bedroom for the first two months, and to have the option of taking it with us on trips with it on trips. Great video quality, simple interface. I did not use the sleep tracker or breathing analytics, but it’s nice that there are options.

The swaddle that came with it which is required for breathing trackers is a pain for putting on, and Orion could be able to easily release its arms of the band.

SwaddleMe Swaddles

Orion was adamant about these swaddles as he slept more comfortably in them than other swaddles, and we opted to use them until he was transitioned into sleeping in a sleep sack. We purchased the original design but they now come with luxurious ones that have zippers on the bottom for more convenient mid-night diaper changing.

aden+anais Swaddle Blankets

We used them to swaddle in the nick of time but not often. They were useful to use to cover the car seat as well as burp cloths to clean his spit-ups after walks, and something to put the baby on top of such as the exam table in the pediatrician’s clinic or on the home, a place that I wanted to shield from blowouts, spill as well as covers for the car seat or stroller in case we misplaced to bring the cover for multiple uses… It’s useful and useful in those kinds of situations. The pack contains four, but two would have been sufficient.


This could be a blog However, the majority of my postpartum struggles and discomfort was caused by the process of establishing breastfeeding, so it’s important to the newborn’s life in the event that you choose to breastfeed.

Nipple shields

It wouldn’t have been possible for me to make it through the first three weeks of breastfeeding without covering my raw nipples. The hospital provided me with one and a family member gave me one of his. The ability to rotate three shields through while cleaning them was extremely helpful.

Medela Gel Pads

I experienced more relief using these than with nipple butter. And after that, breastmilk helped relieve my painful the nipples.

My Best Friend Nursing Pillow

I’m now using the pillows in our beds to support us when I’m breastfeeding, but at first, when the breastfeeding was new and unfamiliar, I found it very beneficial to use my My Brest Friend. It provides greater support, and it makes more sense in comparison to other pillows, such as the Boppy breastfeeding pillow that did not perform to me in terms of nursing.

Orion would fall down in the gap between my Boppy and my stomach regardless of what, and was extremely uncomfortable due to the fact that it made me to sit up and cause my back to hurt. I have never had this issue with Orion. My Brest Friend.

The Spectra S1 Breast Pump

The expression and massage modes were very effective for me, and the night light function is very beneficial. I was ultimately convinced by its portability and reviewing it in the reviews, it’s extremely quiet. I was able to purchase it from my insurance.


It was at first that I didn’t realize the benefit of the Haakaa because the overall pump is much more effective of pumping milk out of my breasts. It wasn’t until breast engorgement started to wake me awake at the late hours of the night began using the Haakaa to remove the engorgement’s edge instead of the burden of pumping and cleaning the entire systemparticularly at the end at night! It’s worth it because it’s so easy to apply it on my boob from time to time to ease the pain of the engorgement. The suctioned base and an enclosure to stop the heartbreak from ripping it over.

Bamboobies Nursing Pads

The pads helped keep me dry from small leaks of breastmilk and I also put on the pads for the night to avoid getting up due to my shirt getting wet, even though it did happen occasionally.

Lansinoh Milk Bags

I stored and frozen pumped milk in these, no problems.

Comotomo Bottles

The first bottle we tried along with Orion and he was awed by it right away. It is easy to clean Top rack dishwasher safe and adorable.

OXO Drying Rack for Tots

Clean and easy to clean, the top rack is dishwasher safe. It was mostly used for drying breast pump components as well as feeding tools we used when trying to establish breastfeeding. However, we’ve used it for smaller cups and dishes too and have been enjoying it quite a bit.

Humble Bebe Burp Cloths

The most frequently used item cannot live without them. They’re everywhere in our home We need a lot of them. They’re really cloth diaper inserts but since they’re so absorbent they’re great as burp cloths as they’re attractive. We’ve placed them on his head whenever he’s lying down or performing tummy time to take spit ups off.

honorable mention:

green sprouts green sprouts ClothsBurp Cloths for green sprouts Oleg as well as me adored the absorbent muslin fabric of these the best, however the shape is specific to over-the shoulder burping, which was not our primary burping method, and we found them to be more limited in their use. We still put them on top of Orion’s head for catching spit-ups,. But only when we’ve ran out on the cloths I mentioned, which isn’t very often.

green sprouts , Muslin Bibs

Similar brand and materials like the burp cloths previously mentioned. We love these for their absorbency and how soft and gentle they’re. They absorb spit-ups and thus reduce the number of times his clothes change throughout the day. It makes it simple to wipe off any drool from his face. They also do not hang over his mouth as the triangular bandanas do however we do still wear these since we have several of them (linking here for those who want to look them up They’re also very absorbent and comfortable.)


OXO Tot Tub

I really enjoy this tub since it is able to save the costs of water (uses lesser water when filling the tub, even down to a low level) and in the event that he has a poop or pees, it’s simple and fast to empty and then fill it with fresh water.

Honorable reference: Angelcare Tub

It was not necessary for us to buy this to go along with the OXO tot however, the instances we’ve used it proved beneficial. What transpired was Orion was extremely angry during baths, and in panic, I believed that he was unhappy in the OXO tub due to it not providing enough support for his tiny body.

So we purchased the Angelcare and although it helped him more it also revealed that Orion just didn’t like baths in the beginning regardless of what. In the end , the Angelcare was more for alleviating our worries that he wasn’t secured more, but as he grew and was able to sit more comfortably, it was evident that he had more fun in this tub. It’s likely because it keeps him submerged , and he gets more the feeling of floating in the water.

Mustela Bathtime Essentials

It’s plant-based and smells fresh and clean. Cleansing water is beneficial for wiping him clean after he hadn’t been cleared to bathe yet. We apply the cleansing gel to the body and hair as well as we spread the lotion to the body to massage after bathing.

Natemia Wash Cloths

I love that they’re light and soft to wash his face. We also had them near his changing pad to clean off spit ups .

Sponge Brush

We make use of the sponge side for making the soap foamy to his hair (very efficient) as well as the brush to massage it into the hair to take off more of the flake that were present when he was suffering from very moderate cradle cap.

Hooded towel

We also have a adorable bear towel, however what I did not think about prior to the time was the size. Because it’s a bit smaller, Orion has already outgrown it, so we’ll continue to use it from Parachute and this one with ears that’s similar to the soft fabric and manufacturer as the washcloths we love. Regular towels work great however I appreciated having the hood on to better keep Orion’s head warm as well as dry it faster.


Solly Wrap

Insuring that you get Orion in a in a seated position was a savior in getting him to sleep. He was sure that he would sleep for at least an hour inside this product and it was a lifesaver for me from needing breaks. Oleg used to put on Orion when he was doing chores such as vacuuming, and it was not just a way to soothe him, it was also very cute.

Uppababy The VISTA V2

Oleg decided to purchase this stroller for several reasons, among them being that it comes with an infant bassinet. Despite the fact that I didn’t think we would make use of it, we actually used it frequently. The pandemic was a factor in this, and the fact that walking around the neighborhood was our sole outdoor activity we had to do every day. 

So we utilized the bassinet to go with Orion to walks that could cause him to fall asleep to sleep and then after returning home we would bring the bassinet in and let him sleep in it (Uppababy confirms that the bassinet they have is safe for sleeping). It’s smooth and is easy to fold up and we love the bigger under-carrier basket to store everything that we need to make a quick grocery trip we made on our walk.

It’s Uppababy MESA Car Seat

The reason we bought this car seat since it’s part the Uppababy system and won’t require an adapter to fit the stroller. It’s simple to set up the car seat base , and the single button release is easy however I’m still thinking whether I should have bought an alternative like the Nuna Pipa Lite instead because the latter is lighter.

As I carried Orion between his car seat, it was difficult to overlook the weight especially since he’s now heavier. However, I’m pleased that it works seamlessly in conjunction with our stroller.

Car mirror

I enjoyed having this feature to have a clear view of Orion while he was in his vehicle while I drove Orion out to meetings on my own.

Copper Pearl Multi-Use Cover

More effective than draping blankets on the seat of your car. It is a blanket that covers the bassinet or car seat and remains in place, unlike the blanket being draped that might be blown away by the breeze during stroller walks. This cover is used to create an environment that is more dark when the child wants to sleep in his car or stroller, and the small opening on the other side lets us easily peek into the room and observe the baby. The cover surprised me the most because it was more practical than I had was expected.

Cradle ‘n Swing

We received this in the last three months, and I’d like we had it from day 1 or, at a minimum, from week 3 , which was my first time being all alone with Orion when I was still in the midst of trying to get him to start breastfeeding. I don’t know that he would’ve loved the swing at that time however he has loved it since the day we bought it, and it’s always managed to soothe him.

Plus, it is a great way of making him sleepy for nap times. I can imagine that this swing could be a good arm to soothe him that could have provided me with some time off when I was trying to constantly pump to ensure my supply was always full (Orion had a tongue tie, and breastfeeding was a difficult and lengthy journey.

Maybe I’ll write about that experience in the future). We borrowed an Mamaroo from a friend , and it was a bit unpredictable, and at most Orion was not interested in the idea.

We thought he might prefer a swing over the bouncer (Mamaroo is more than bouncer) since we realized that putting him in the car seat could help him relax. In the end, Orion loves this swing and we still use it to this day.

Stokke the Tripp Trapp high chair Newborn Seat

A high-chair isn’t necessary for the first three months but in our situation since we used the infant seat attachment the most frequently as the safe place to put him in the event that we needed to eat or do other things and eat, it’s an integral aspect of our everyday lives , and is one of my most loved baby toys of all.

The choice of a infant seat allowed for Orion to spend time around the dining room table with us. And tiny moments like this that helped us feel closer as a family are large. Orion also seemed attracted by our food or play with a toy was hung from the hook the newborn seat was equipped with. I’m a huge fan of the design and am confident that it will evolve with Orion over time and it’s already been far more than enough for us.

Honorable mention: SnuggleMe

When Orion would lay down in my lap and my arms became exhausted, I’d swiftly place him in the bed for a supervised sleep. It’s true that he’s not a person who likes lying on his back. So there was a lot of time he didn’t stay in the room when he was in the room awake.

After 2 months of age, when he was ready to be more active and be on the floor , he’d pretty much overtaken the space. In the end, we didn’t end making use of it as often as I had thought we would, however many mothers have had amazing success using it as a place where babies love to hang out in the morning, so I thought I’d be sure to mention it. It certainly resulted in some adorable photos.

Honorable mention: Charlie Crane Rocker

Of the three places for baby to rest safely within, Orion enjoyed this rocker the most. I was frequently asked about it, including whether I felt it was worth the cost in comparison to something similar to it. Baby Bjorn’s bouncer. We did not try it out like the Baby Bjorn, but I am aware that Orion prefers to swing and rock over the bounce.

When we came to the conclusion of the day, the excitement I felt about this item was due to how gorgeous it looked at home, and how adorable Orion was in the Bjorn. He loved being in it most especially when I placed my Plan Toys play gym over it. He also liked being rocked around in it, even despite the effort it is required wasn’t long-lasting.

We played with a variety of “safe places to place baby in” to determine the things Orion likes. This is the reason we ended up buying more than we wanted. I enjoyed them all for different reasons . However, should I have to pick one, I’d go with the swing because we had the most success using it.


My opinion is not widely shared: I love snaps better than zippers. Snaps are more attractive and help you look for the presence of a dirty diaper. However, I do agree that zippers are simpler, faster and better in the evening. Therefore, the best choice is to use zip-up onesies, specifically footies to avoid the requirement to wear socks, however when you’re interested in a different style, I believe snaps are worthwhile to have too. Our top brands:

All-time favorite Kyte zip-up footies and snap Rompers

Made of the most soft bamboo cotton, it comes in a assortment of colours (I love Oat and Clay but it looks like Clay is no longer available) We enjoy Kyte clothes the most. We’ve discovered that we enjoy the elasticity of the fabric because it makes changing outfits easier. One downside is that they will pill when they’re not line dried and you must ensure that you don’t throw them into the dryer. You should take advantage of their last season sales.

Value-for-money H&M wrapover bodysuits , jumpsuits and wraps with zippers

Kimono-style bodysuits are my absolute favorite since they’re most simple diaper change by using the three snaps on the bottom. They also allow for the least amount of wrestling between baby’s legs. Even though they’re not legless, they’re suitable for use at home in warm weather, and as the weather warms up, we’ll likely use them more often. The jumpsuits are light and wash easily, and H&M generally offers numerous cute patterns, colors and styles. H&M is my preferred choice for outfits that aren’t practical to wear every day, but they are adorable for taking photos.

Angel Dear- Footies

Another bamboo baby clothing brand that we like and were introduced to through the gift of one of their one-sie designs. I usually prefer the solid colors of Kyte however, the patterns of Angel Dear are very cute as well as they are often for sale with good prices.

Honorable mention Honorable mention: Magnetic Me

The quickest and most simple of all the options for clothing because it is fastened with magnets. I do would prefer more solid colors, like Kyte. Overall, I believe they’re expensive however we found some on sale and thought they were worth a try.

Puracy Stain Remover

It’s impossible to discuss baby clothes without talking about the stain removal product. The nuclear yellow color of baby poop causes it to really stain, which is why I always clean it up immediately using this product for at minimum 15 minutes if there’s freshly soiled before throwing it into the washing machine. It’s great and I appreciate that it’s made from organic ingredients, is non-toxic and crystal clear.

The best advice I was given regarding clothes was to purchase at a time to make sure that you don’t purchase too much of a size that he’ll soon outgrow, and I’m very happy with the progress so far. I can recall that the largest amount of changes to our outfits we did in a single day was seven, so 7 onesie is the that I’d like to start with and focusing on 0-3 months and limit newborn sizes to the minimum.

Of course, sizing requirements can alter once the baby arrives however, grabbing a few smaller, basic onesies from Target in case of need is a good backup plan. I did this when we returned at the end of our hospital visit.


Lovevery Play Gym

It was it was the sole “toy” Orion needed, in the event that it was needed at all. It’s a great work horse. The baby spent the majority of his time in the tummy there, playing with the toys, as well as the flash cards in black and white that it included. Also included was an instructional book that contains ideas on how to play with your baby, based on his the age of the baby and developmental milestones expected.

He hasn’t yet gotten into the various “zones” that are on it as of yet, but I’m hoping that will change in the near future to arrive. We’ve seen already in the past 3 months how the mat has grown with him and will continue todo so. He’s eager to use the cover that it included to transform it into a tent to games! I would have liked to have an option to fold. It’s not able to easily move between rooms however we were capable of doing that whenever we needed to.

A plethora of links

About 2 months after birth, Orion began to grasp things, they were awe-inspiring to him. They were all over the place: hanging from his Lovevery play gym and in the Plann Toys gym, his car seat, his highchair for babies and he simply enjoyed grabbing them by his hands. Then he’d chew on them as he began to teeth. We also used them to hang toys from- very useful!

Wooden Activity Gym Toys

Orion was a huge fan of these wooden toys from at around the age of 2 months and would soon be playing with them and putting them into his mouth. They were hung from links that we had attached to the Lovevery Play Gym and he’d play around playing with them, grabbing them and hitting them.

Jane Foster’s Black and White

Every book is enjoyable to be read but I think this one was his absolute favorite visually. It’s just black and white-colored illustrations depicting animal characters (and some flowers that seems out of place and I’m wondering why the author chose to draw this) with various backgrounds. It captivated Orion for longer than anything else , and it’s the one that I’ve “read” Orion the the most.


Electric nail file

This is one item I will recommend to every mom expecting a baby that is essential. I’m even wishing I’d brought it with us to the hospital us, as Orion cut his face pretty badly by his nails the very first night we arrived. It’s easy to trim his nails without worrying about hurting his skin, and he appears to be enjoying the vibrations of it. This eliminates the need for baby gloves as well.

Fridababy 3-in-1 Ear, nail, and nose picker Ear picker

We have used this more often than the NoseFrida. The NoseFrida while efficient, felt like a lot of work however I can see it as a useful tool later on if it becomes sick. A simple tool like this one to get rid of the boogers we could see inside his nose would have been more useful.

BIBS Pacifiers

The first one we tried and they did the trick. They stopped working for him within a couple of months. He currently does not use any, however during the time used them, they were extremely effective in aiding in his sleep.



We use it to keep track of the feeding schedule, diapers, and sleep, and to record Orion’s growth statistics from visits to the pediatrician. It’s AWESOME. My favorite features are the ability to set reminders at scheduled intervals for feedings, and the SweetSpot that predicts the optimal nap times. It’s important to check that we’re reading Orion’s sleep cues in the right way.

Wonder Weeks

This app is a great source of information about developmental leaps and understanding the behaviors and signs baby’s body will display when going through them. It also helps you predict the moment when the leaps occur in relation to the due date of baby’s birth. It was comforting to go through the app and understand of why it seemed like Orion was experiencing the stages of growth. Both of them learned many things and found peace of mind with this application.

What to Expect

I have mentioned this app in my prenatal essentials blog post, and it offers helpful information on the development of baby as well as post-partum health. The daily article ideas are usually spot on with time and provide answers to any concerns that pop up in my life as Orion develops.

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