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No-Mistake Protractor | Home Decor Online Tips

Tool: 5-in-1 Combo Protractor Buy now

Producer: Starrett

Advised price: $ 142

If the walls were all exactly 90 degrees, installing cabinets and trim would be much easier. When it comes to installing trim, especially crown molding, it would certainly be nice to have a device that reads the angle of a corner directly and instantly provides the exact setting for the miter saw. Here it is, from a company whose name is synonymous with precision: the Starrett ProSite 5-in-1 Combo Protractor.

To use the protractor, hold it at an angle and rotate its legs 12 inches to make contact with both walls. Suppose you have a wall or cabinet at a 110 degree angle. Let’s see: this requires a 55 degree miter saw, but the settings on a miter saw require you to subtract 55 degrees from 90 degrees, to get … confusion, right? The combi protractor gives you the answer right away: set your miter saw to 35 degrees. No math required.

If you are cutting flat crown molding on your miter saw, you can refer to a compound cut chart on the protractor for beveled and beveled corners. If you are shaping a corner to a corner, the Single Cut arrow on the main dial provides the correct setting for the miter saw. The opposite side of the protractor gives the actual angle of an angle.

This is an extremely robust and reliable tool, easily readable within 1/2 degree. It will undoubtedly be useful for any type of cabinetry project.

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