Nokia Treasure Tag review: Oversize, but keeps a handle on your hoard

An optional keychain holder helps you keep track of both your keys and your phone, via two-way doorbells.

Josh Miller / HDOT

An upset of the stomach, a furrow of the forehead. The moment you realize you’ve lost your key, wallet or phone or whatever you really need, that’s a moment you want to have the Nokia Treasure Tag, or something similar.

The small square 1.2-inch (30 mm) device measures 0.4 inches thick (10 mm) and weighs 0.46 ounces (13 grams). The 22omAh battery promises a maximum standby time of 180 days, or about 6 months. You can replace the battery yourself.

Sold globally in yellow, cyan, black and white, the Treasure Tag is a simple tool that pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth (low energy) or NFC. Each pack comes with two rubber bands that clip onto the tracker’s grooved perimeter. One comes with a ring, for attaching to keys or perhaps to the handlebar of your bike. The other band is smooth and free of protrusions, creating a lower profile if you prefer to tuck it into something.

You will associate, configure and manage up to four Treasure Tags via a mobile app. Although branded as a Nokia product, the Treasure Tag will work with Android and iOS phones in addition to Windows phones. Here you can set up notifications and tones and search for your Tag’s last known location on a map.

Check out the gallery above for a complete step-by-step setup.

Now, the Treasure Tag, like other similar devices, is bi-directional, which means that if you know where the tag is but have lost track of your phone, pressing the single button in the center of the tag will make your phone chirp, assuming that you are within about 130 feet of Bluetooth (about 40 meters).

How well does it work?

Most of the time, the Treasure tag worked, alerting me whenever I fell out of Bluetooth range with the device. I would probably disable that feature if I used it full time and let the device run passively, only using it when I really needed it.

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