Our Cozy Cottage Basement – The Inspired Room

Our cozy chalet basement

OOne of the things we loved the most about this house when we first saw it was that it had a basement! I wasn’t really looking for one (not all houses here have one), but with a tiny house with a nice basement, that’s definitely a plus. Although in many houses we looked at they looked like damp, dark, or maybe rat-filled spaces, hahah! This was clean, comfortable, and filled with natural light. No rats! TO RENT! We changed the carpet and added new flooring when we moved in which also really helped this space feel fresh and welcoming.

Our home is 1,500 square feet, but with a finished basement we gain some very useful additional living space. We often rearrange the way we use these parts, so it’s still very practical and functional for our current needs. It is obviously not a fancy basement, but it is comfortable and meets our needs! I really like having my workspaces here, and especially that I have a lot of comfortable places to write away from the noise of other parts of our house.

All of our furniture is used or parts that we have owned for some time. You will probably recognize a lot of things from our previous house or different phases of it. I’m a fan of using what you have and collecting things you love along the way. I find it all works together, if you like it. 🙂

It’s fun to play around with the options and see what you can come up with. But of course, if a combination doesn’t feel right to you, that’s okay. Try a different arrangement or move things you like to different rooms, paint things or let them go. It is all a process.

I’ll be doing another post with more staircase makeovers soon, which you can preview in the background here.

Our cozy chalet basement
Our cozy chalet basement
Our cozy chalet basement

My oldest daughter Kylee and her husband sold their townhouse this week, so they will stay with us until they decide on their next steps. It’s good to have room for them! She has a lot of plants so we were able to tidy them up here and there and put them on the shelves around all of my blue and white things! We had set up this room while our other daughter Courtney was here, so most haven’t changed much.

If you missed yesterday’s post about my daughter Kylee and her husband moving in here temporarily, click here to catch it!

Our cozy chalet basement

This is my quiet writing room. I just closed the door and curled up on the daybed! I had these curtains in my office in our old house, and they still make me so happy! Decorating must be fun, right?

We’d love to add built-in items to all of our lower levels, but for now freestanding rooms contain all of our office, business, and decor supplies!

I’ve had this iron bed since our daughters were little. I still like it! We plan to repaint the rest of the walls here and add panels at some point, but I’ve hung some artwork that we weren’t using elsewhere to bring a little more interest to this wall in between. time. Curtains behind the bed are my temporary creative cover-up idea for the mirrored wall!

Our cozy chalet basement

Normally this wooden cabinet is where my printer is located, but to make the room more comfortable it is currently a quilt cabinet and the printer has been moved to the other room. Ikea Pax white cabinets contain all of our oil supplies! I feel so organized! I’ll show you the inside one day.

Our cozy chalet basement

I’ll show you more details on the staircase makeover soon, it turns out pretty cute! Almost as cute as all of those faces :). Note that Lily is often absent from group photos. She is introverted and usually sits alone in a comfortable chair. She really took advantage of the spring sun we have here! Follow us on Instagram to find out more!

Our cozy chalet basement
Our cozy chalet basement

Scroll down and click on the images below for more details

Our cozy chalet basement

After Sources:

Navy paint color: Hale Navy Benjamin Moore

White brick paint: Simply White Benjamin Moore

Room paint color: Coventry Gray Benjamin Moore

Floor covering details

Neva sofa by Sixpenny in jasmine rice. Learn more about our sofa here.

Our leather sofa that we have had for years is this one! Ours is the Toffee loveseat (which is no longer a color option but there are several that look alike).

Blue and white patterned rug

Similar coffee table.

Pouf in similar leather.

Similar blue and white pillows.

Potted plant in faux jade.

Fake moss pot.

Bamboo shade on the door.

Weighted knit blanket on the daybed.

Patterned curtains – mine are out of stock but I have mine HERE and there are similar options!

Source of rugs in the daybed room (Click here for my thoughts on Ruggable rugs and favorite styles).

White painted wardrobe makeover details.

Gray tassel patterned rug in guest bedroom (one of my two rug designs for Annie Selke – see details here!)

Blue and white floral bedding in the bedroom

Navy white plaid pillow shams in the bedroom

See another part of that piece here in our Rechargeable Bulb Post!

Stair paint makeover details

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