Our Humble Porch at Christmas

Our humble porch at Christmas

Just over five years ago, we first climbed the porch steps and looked at this house for the first time. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t love at first sight for me. The real estate market in Seattle was (and is) difficult to penetrate. We weren’t even able to compete for houses that I would have liked, because even the most basic houses here were twice as many as the one we were leaving.

As we began (unsuccessfully) to search for “the right one,” our initial list of “wanting to haves” began to shrink considerably. At first it was disappointing, but in the end we were just hoping to find a clean house that didn’t fall down and was basically habitable.

When we found this home it might not look like our dream home, but it met our brief list of requirements and more. It wasn’t my style, but if I squinted I could see potential to make it my own. Bonus points, no one else was bidding on this when we searched which was unheard of (most houses had a long list of competing offers). The inspector said this was the strongest, best-maintained house he had inspected in a long time, so we are grateful to him.

It wasn’t love at first sight, but it stays felt right. There were even some bonuses that we didn’t expect to find. It was really bright and bright (even in the basement!), A beautiful yard and a beautiful view. I think it was a gift meant to be for us, although I never would have guessed it would be “the one” when I first saw the photos or stepped out on the porch for the whole time. first time.

Our humble porch at Christmas

We didn’t have the budget or the time to completely renovate this house in all the ways I would like, but we have been able to make changes over the years that have made it feel more like us. It makes me happy to see my Dutch door and the painted brick! But as someone who loves boutique homes, I admit that sometimes it’s hard not to focus on the things I “always want to do” to make my home even “better”.

The other day, as I came home from a walk and made my way to the porch, I didn’t stop to dwell on imperfections or make a list of all the things I * wish * still be able to do.

I just felt gratitude for what is.

This year, everything in the world has felt upside down and not at all as it should. So many things we took for granted weren’t as safe as we thought. It’s been a tough year to navigate in so many ways, but in other ways I think it reminded us of what matters as well.

As I stepped onto the porch that day, I felt grateful. Even though life is not perfect and there are still so many fears and unknowns for the future, this humble porch still welcomes us home to a place where we are warm and loved.

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