Oxo Cold Brew Coffee Maker review: Convenient, tasty cold brew — if you have the cash

Iced coffee is one of my favorite forms of joe. When done right, the drink’s sweet, syrupy texture and lack of bitterness are irresistible. Making batches of cold beer at home, however, is a tedious affair especially when it’s time to filter your brews. Here to help is the $ 50 Oxo Cold Brew coffee maker, which takes away much of the hassle of creating this special type of java.

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You’ll pay a premium for Oxo’s cold contraption. It costs twice the price of other cold gadgets like the Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker and Bodum French presses. However, if your priority is to make a quality cold brew with as little hassle as possible, then this Oxo device is worthy of a splurge.


The Oxo Cold Brew coffee machine is deceptively simple. It has a single switch and uses gravity, not electricity, as its main power source. Even so, it is clear that a lot of thought has gone into building Cold Brew.

This hourglass-shaped appliance works in much the same way as a typical drip brewer. Like a traditional drip coffee maker, the Oxo Cold Brew has an infusion chamber at the top where you put the ground coffee beans for brewing. Below this is a jug to collect the liquid that has been filtered by a stainless steel filter at the bottom of the fermentation container.

The Oxo Cold Brew coffee machine is similar to a drip brewer, except it uses time instead of heat.

Chris Monroe / CNET

This is where the similarities between Oxo Cold Brew and drip machines end. The Cold Brew coffee machine uses water that is room temperature or colder, so it has no heating, electronics or power cord. Instead, you manually pour cold water onto the perforated lid of the beer container, which Oxo calls the “rain maker.”

The Rainmaker lid has holes to let the water drip evenly onto the coffee grounds.

Chris Monroe / CNET

Provided that the water is decanted in a circular manner on the notched lid, the rainmaker uniformly saturates the coffee grounds by flooding them with small drops of water. A beer release switch holds the water inside the beer container or releases it to drain into the glass jug below.

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